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Thursday, October 14, 2010

they are my love

you might realize 
sometimes people you might not close with
will be the one accompany you at the end
don't get too close to anyone no matter what
i have bunch of friends since secondary school
for sure there will be someone closest with someone
it might last until today
but i can feel the warmness among us 
specially after we all have been separated
for our studies and work
we gather in skype a lot recently
it was the best chatting section ever
making noise together
laughing together
it is really a benefits for me to be flying around
i get to visit any of them who study overseas
even to travel home when i got time
not just to go home
but to catch up with buddies too
skype really help us to gather as well
we are all now in different places
but we gather every night to talk
sharing, laughing, gossiping
we had fun
sometimes i don't believe this friendship could last
but i have confidence now
i believe we could carry this all the way
because we know all our personalities
instead of pin pointing
we will rather to share and improve together
we already gone through the childish century
and we are now growing
yet will be more mature in future
so i believe we all will appreciate 
specially we get to meet only once in a while
it can be a few months, a year or even a few years
so we cherish
cherish the time we spent together
i believe everyone gone through all these
the past has been the past
we are looking towards the future
let's work hard together...ETERNALLY
i miss you all

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