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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

im simple

i am simple after all
i don't need a fans page where people likes me
i just need a friends page where all my friends concern

i am normal after all
i ain't tough as i could settle everything as it never happen
i am weak as all girls needed care from someone special

i am simple after all
i ain't born with a golden key which i need not to work
i have to work even harder to support my family to get them a better life style

i am normal after all
i ain't travel for fun day after day
i need to work all night long to see the world when the sun rise

i am simple after all
i ain't given a path without any difficulties
i got to find out my way to settle things all by myself

i am normal after all
i don't gain experiences by doing nothing but picking on others
i have been falling, bleeding, get hurts and scars to gain it with my own hands

i am simple after all
i ain't grown up all by my own
i need lots of help and support which is given from others

people who gave me hard time made me complicated
people who do not help and support made me abnormal
but i will never learn without these people
and i will never grow without these people
indeed they are the saviour in my life

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pressie of 2010

the birthday is over
the christmas is over
should have receive any presents by then
although new year celebration is coming
but i would say count down is usually what we do for new year
instead of gift exchange
let's see what i have got for this year

 Emily & Eirene : lamp to brighten my way
Jeraldine : the angel candle
Rebecca : skin care from Laneige & Clarins
Haley : Pooh iPhone case, nail polish and sleeping mask
Kenny : hand cream & room deco

 the flatten b'day ballon from Rebecca &
the dried rose from crew

 Eirene's photo film &
Jeraldine's tee from Levis

** special thanks for Katherine and Rebecca
they bought me two different cakes
they isn't a full celebration without the cake
thanks a lot **

i guess this is my very first time ever i receive numbers of presents
some people might think they don't cost much
but i would say hearts that count
even if you buy me a scoop of ice cream
or even a simple wishes by sms that count
i don't need a LV bag
i don't need a Rolex watch
neither anything else which cost lots of $$
as long you remember it by heart
friendship is priceless
wishes is priceless
memorizing is priceless
thanks a lot for all the accompany of the year
thanks for the celebrations
really appreciate 
even i could feel the warmth when im away from home
who said friends ain't important
they are very important in my life
i precious them most other than my family
because they are all my second home
which i could rely on
nothing more important than friendship 
who accompany me when im alone from home
felt the sincere from them by heart
which we are all grown up child
we know what to cherish
they are people who im looking forward to meet
after every tiring flight
people who i wanna share things with
i guess this is the biggest pressie of the year
friends who granted to me by GOD
coming to the end of the year
have you found things that you need to cherish
things that you have learnt
things that you have gained
i guess i have found mine
i found the true warmth of my life


Sunday, December 26, 2010

boxing day

Christmas is over
is 26 dec 2010
5 and a half days to 2011
are you guys ready
for a brand new day in a brand new year
im looking forward
to those i have not meet so far
i will see you in the year of 2011
get yourself prepared
welcoming the year of 2011 
happy boxing day to all

Saturday, December 25, 2010


因为习惯 所以想念


x'mas eve

finally got the reply from Jeraldine
manage to meet up for a dinner in town
we know everywhere is gonna be so crowded
so went to Wheelock which we think is lesser crowd
had dinner at NYDC 

guess what??
i have not seen her ever since Mooncake fest
thanks GOD that she is around today
or else i will be having a lonely x'mas at home

my first meal of the day
fish & chips
and a cup of ice mochacino

although she din manage to attend my b'day celebration
but she did not forget my present
an angel candle 
which looks similar to my tattoo
how sweet of her
chose me a present which is similar to me

time for a walk after feeding our stomach
needed some photo as memory too

auntie don't know how to take photo
cannot see the lighting at the back
anyway thanks to her

back to Taka
look at the crowd
most of them are tourist
no matter where we walk pass
everybody was busy taking photo
we try to "siam" here and there
try not to be in their photos
we walk all the way down to The Heeren 
had Ben & Jerry as dessert

cookies & cream, strawberry cheese cake and chocolate
i thought we are so full after having dinner??
lol....girls always have space for dessert

did some camwhole at Ben & Jerry's

another bestties in SG
thanks for the accompany
she save my lonely X'mas
had a great catch up with her tonight
decide to walk down all the way
stop over at Dhoby Ghaut
waiting for the count down together
because we don't want it to be in the mrt

there goes the end of the night
* hugsssss for a sweet x'mas eve
great night to catch up although is crowded
most importantly i don't feel the loneliness
will plan for another catch up together with the rest next
as soon as the roster is out
will love to catch up real soon


Friday, December 24, 2010

what a day

is another year of Christmas
is a day most people will celebrate
at least to enjoy this festive day
enjoy the holidays
while i am not
im hiding under my blanket
felt the loneliness in me
just so afraid to step out from my door
i guess im afraid to smile on my face
while im not happy in my heart
i guess im afraid to feel the loneliness
while seeing how happy are the others
i never know i would be afraid of that ever
but it happens to me today
on the day where everybody celebrating out there
busy about the gathering with their love ones
im away from home
i don't have a love ones
my friends are all busy partying
you might say i could join the group
ya,...why not??
but not for today
i don't like the bitter feeling in me
i don't like to feel the loneliness
if there is a date
i want it to be a full attention on me
instead of being share with others
just because i want to be selfish for a day
where i like to feel the importance of being me
i have been doing my part to everyone all these while
can i own it for a day??
just a day please??
i hate this feeling
i hate to see myself being lousy
i never know i would be afraid of loneliness ever
i never know i would tears for being lonely
i have no answer to spell this
i have no idea what is wrong with me
i shouldn't have afraid of loneliness
i have been cool about it all these while
am i??
maybe GOD is trying to tell me
is time for me to pick up some happiness in life
my happiness are on YOU
i never ever ask for it
why would i??
it doesn't belongs to me
i shouldn't have ask for any
i believe in my faith
as go with the flow
have a great holidays to all out there

~Merry Christmas loves

Thursday, December 23, 2010


越是脆弱 越是显得坚强
越是痛苦 越是笑容满面
越是害怕 越是显得勇敢
越是孤单 越是显得无所谓



Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Tuesday, December 21, 2010


open your eyes
look at the sun rise
feel the wind blow
listen to the birds
hoping for the best of the day
is the beginning of another day
have you ever think what you gonna do for today??
i never plan
but would have use it wisely as i could
this is a day we earn from GOD
love it and be precious
you will never know when the day you might miss the sunrise




Monday, December 13, 2010

my actual bday

it's another year of birthday
the 13 dec 2010
this is my 22nd b'day
first time ever i wanted to celebrate for myself
so have been asking around if anyone is in town 
so glad that most bestties are around
wanted to book for a buffet lunch
but whichever that recommended by friends are fully book
so decided to have lunch at MOF in Bugis Junction
which i think they sell nice food
and i like the environment too

Sushimi ( how to spell sia?? )

 Emily's order
chicken on the pan with tempura set
( name given by me,..hehe )

 soba with mix vege tempura

i only mange to snap 3
which everybody is so hungry
they just can't wait to eat

thanks Rebecca for the delicious cake
and also a cute Pooh bear b'day balloon 

 make a wish
hope it comes true!!

girls who make my day
thanks for everything - Rebecca
thanks for your visit - Justina
thanks for attending altho not well - Emily
thanks for your lovely camera - Eirene

love it
it would be best without the little girl behind me

this is it
my sweet 22nd birthday!!
thanks all for the wishes
thanks for the presents
thanks for all the loves ~~
i had a great one ever <3

Saturday, December 11, 2010

love life

 love life. Pictures, Images and Photos

i guess everybody know about Alviss Kong's case
have been looking through about this news
what does love meant for life
this is not the first time we read a news like this
there are numbers of people who suicide for love
i dare to say if a person who know what love is
they should never ever suicide because of that
no matter how long were your relationship has been
what about years where your parents take care of you
how about years that they love you
we always think that we wanted to do something
specially for a person who we love in a relationship
but what we have done for our parents
i bet nothing worth more than a parents' have done
if you ever think of commit suicide
think about your family
how much effort they have ever done on you
how much time they have spent on you
how much love they have given to you
our life is given by them
their contributions are most precious in lives
so learn something from here
if you ever know what love is
don't ever give up you life
if you know you couldn't afford love
don't ever say love
lives are filled with colors
include black and grey
when you have step into the grey zone
never say give up
talk to your family
talk to friends around you
let them bring you out of that zone
never look forward to the darker zone
step out to where we belongs to
step into the colors
think how precious life can be
think of people who fighting for life
think how much they needed our life
everyone has their own hard time
we all face difficulties in life
nobody can stay happy every seconds every moments
stay strong and be tough
there are much more interests of life
an argument, a fight even a war could be precious
have you ever miss the moment just to argue with you love ones??
this is how life could be
if we have so much time to be sullen
we should have spend a little time to think of happiness
if you feel uneasy on a person who don't love you
why not you think of numbers of people who loves you
where there is love
there is life
i understand how uneasy it could be
when we come across difficulties
but always remember
if a person who talk about love
will never give up in lives
because we know how lovely a life could be

love life Pictures, Images and Photos

1st bday celebration

Justina visit in SG
brought her for a little shopping
trying new different food
and a little sightsee at Marina Esplanade
thanks for the advance booking of my bday cake
by Katherine and her love
really appreciate that she remember what i love

chocolate indulgence from Secret Recipe
my all time favourite

when i'm busy taking photo too

thanks for the simple but lovely celebration
left >> Katherine, me, Emily & Justina

camwhore section
follow by walking down to Merlion
Boat Quay and Clarke Quay
we are were tired
but we had fun 
by walking and resting all along the way
thanks for the night ladies and the gent

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


欣赏不是爱  喜欢不持久
不会再期待 不会再勉强

Sunday, December 05, 2010

month of december

working as a stewardess will always forget about the day
instead we only know the date we flying off or the arrival
mainly we can't afford any lapses
yes,...as we all know
time flies...and here we are the end of the year
the month of my birthday
i guess this is the first time looking forward to it
first time feel like asking around if anybody in town
first time feel like having a celebration
not because i have forgot what happen in the past
but wanted to get myself a memorable celebration once
i guess you will not wanna know how sad
or how bad could my birthday happened before

anyway let's move forward
is already the last month of 2010
looking back what we have done for the year of 2010
nothing is happier than to make few more buddies from work
to have friends to hanging around with when in town
but also the urge of working hard together
instead of getting older
i would say that we have grown up
looking through what we have seen
what we have learned
what we have experienced
we might not done anything towards success
but at least we have done something different
i guess at least i already step out
which i am moving forward
towards a different level in life maybe
it could be another success to achieve

do not be discourage if you have not step forward
there are always chances to drop by
just grab it when you get to see it
let's work even harder for the end of the year
but also to play hard for the festive month
there are more to come
so smile to invite everyday
cherish everyday that is given to us
you will never know there are people
who hoping to see the sunrise day after another

sun rise hawaii Pictures, Images and Photos
cheers and regards by Yvonne ^.^