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Monday, March 29, 2010

feel so guilty...........

i just came back from my annual leave last week
have been driving around
being the lousy tour guide for a friend of mine from SG
because i really not familiar with the road in KL
and i don't really know where to go
has been wasting all the time looking for the road sign
driving up and down plus U-turn...........urgh!!
tiring yet WASTING my fuel......
i hate KL...........i swear i will not wanna drive there anymore
unless i drop by KL meeting friends and being a guest
so that someone will be my driver..........wahahahahahaa..........
really spend too much on this trip
although i have save on accomodation
but still after calculating........its really a huge amount i ever spent
i mean in ringgit of coz...which i can pay for my car's down payment
how can it be??....what did i spent??..........urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!
HEART PAIN............who wanna loan me??????????
im not stingy.......im just thinking not to spend on unnecessary
although is holiday but still shouldn't be so over
we must know our limit because you know how difficult to earn
its really from our hard work.............

Thursday, March 25, 2010

wake me up plz..........

do you always clarified when you have a question??
what if this question or the answer will bring changes to your life
which you do not know if that will be a good one or bad one
it's that something that you really wanna know
or it's that really the answer you wanna get
i'm not so sure what do i want
got the feeling of just knowing the truth
but it's that really what i want??
some told me that i need to clarify
some told me know nothing is the best
what do you think??....
maybe i just need to stay away from everything
like what i use to be
pretend as i already forget everything
i still prefer to live with my own lies
at least i need not to think about anything
and i can live happily although knowing nothing
its time to wake up from my dream
the past is gone......it is OVER!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

an old friend.....

just had dinner with an old friend today
which she just join the company and started her new life
will be joining me for flying very soon in June
its just so comfortable when meeting a friend in SG
specially someone who can understand the feeling of having this job
because we are going through the same process
and growing at the same time in the same way
at least someone can understand what im trying to say about my job
anyway just feel happy to meet an old friend in a new place
although i have been staying here for a year and above
but its always a new life for us who is away from home
not very old friend
but at least is a friend i get to know before im here
put it the other way
im a friend of hers
the 1st friend she met in her 1st interview in her life time
since she has sign the contract so im her 1st friend,....
for her 1st full time job in her life..............
sounds better though....hahaha
its glad to have another friend joining this big family with me
so i have got 1 more friend to share things with
and we have got accompany for each other away from home
hope that she will have a good start and always bless by God
in the same way of mine........do take care of yourself
and welcome to the big family,.......Emily~Ai Wei

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Saturday, March 06, 2010

i love becca so muchie...........

its simply a very random post
due to what i post recently in FB and my blog
i received quite a numbers of concern from friends
i really appreciate that....
just that i never expected someone will just drop me a msg
although she know that im outstation
and she is the latest friend i have meet so far in SG
i never discover a friend who will call or sms me the 1st place
when i feel down or what so ever
i can't remember is she the 1st person who do so??
i really feel very happy when i saw the msg
Rebecca,...do you know how happy do i feel
rather then remembering the cruel thingy??
so touching to have such a friend who concern about you
i guess i have forget this kind of feeling for quite sometimes
since my bestties are getting busy
or i simply can't reach them when i do need them
thanks God for the arrangement for given me a good flight
which i encounter 2 girls,....my accompany in SG nowadays....
not just 2,....its 3,.....Katherine--housemate of Corinna....
hey girls,...i love you all so muchies......really!!
yes,....i sounds lesbian,...i don't care what you think
girls simply care where guys just abandoned...........
i'm sure someone out there can feel it
they will understand what i meant............

Monday, March 01, 2010

it seems nothing to me anymore...

being updated of a very good news today
i thought this news will affect me much
but it isn't,.....i feels good either
is it because of the feeling has gone for a long time??
or i actually had open up my heart??
or im just confuse of the truth previously??
or maybe i just grown up
i wasn't the previous me anymore....
i learned how to pick the 2nd juction if the 1st is blocked
maybe i should say i have learned to think positive
i just felt happy if he is happy.....
isn't it a good news to me??....
i have found the answer.....
i think this should be time for me to celebrate....
woohoo!!....malacca,...here i come......
let's have fun dude!!

miss you....

it wasn't a promise but i really thought i get to see you so soon
im back to my very first original plan
which is to travel myself
i am happy and excited to meet a best friend of mine
but it is different now
i really thought this gonna be a good time for us to spend time with
but it just feels like something has gone
i really hate this feeling
the feeling of missing someone.............