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Thursday, September 30, 2010

rock in ktv

my karaoke buddy - Rebecca
we almost k once a month
something we love and enjoy doing when we have off
she brought me to a new venue this time
which is at Orchard next to Shaw Centre
forgot the name of it...hehe
i don't care where we were
as long we can sing
and of coz some camwhore
what girls like wherever they are

sing sing sing
sing whatever we like
we have 4 hours which only cost us S$49
2 drinks per person
2 tibits, fruits platter, and side order sotong balls

before we order sotong balls

i wasn't wearing my flower accessory earlier
only using it when i sing
because im shy wearing it in the public
and it helps to keep my fringe away from my eyes

she tried as well
looks more old school on her
because of her fashion today

let's see without the flower

i was busy taking picture while she sing
she wants to take part too..lol

while we have fun act cute, act stupid
after singing for 4 hours
time to go for early dinner
had pepper lunch as our dinner for the day

Chicken & Wagyu combo

Unagi pepper rice

how lucky we are
get to do the same flight
shop together outstation
and back to SG with the same day off
where we can do something we like
there will be another round in Oct
where we gonna have A380 training together
follow by our 1st solo to London
gonna rock together real soon!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mid-autumn celebration

this is what we use to celebrate with families every year
but not anymore after leaving home
the first year in 2009 and now 2010
so it is my first time to celebrate in SG with friends
onz buddy ever
went to visit Jeraldine's mun for her ktv marathon
had roti prata for supper
and west coast for a picnic later

it's been ages when we stop playing with it
lanterns which is not so traditional anymore
it use to be just flower printing
and it is now coming out with all kind of designs

the childishness we use to have
you would understand what i mean if you were there
just a lantern or a candle makes them happy
as older child we do have fun too
we left after the ktv marathon is over
had some roti prata as supper
follow by what we actually planned to have
picnic at west coast

how unhealthy we are
in fact we only had a cup of mocktail
and a few pieces of chips
because we are too busy with the lantern and candles

the outcome after all
might be a little to dark without flash
but i would rather to see just the light of the lantern and candles
to shows this is what we enjoyed doing

the crew behind the scene

and had some fun playing with some fire sticks

Nicholas and Jeraldine

and the guys (new friends)
from the left :
Chin Loon, Nicholas and Winter
thanks for the preparations
have fun with all of them

Friday, September 24, 2010

fairy tale?!?

most of us like to stream nowadays
as in watching movies or series online
there are so many different type of shows
there are actions, comedy, lifestyle, love story,.....
and many many more
i actually kind of choosy on these
and i don't know how particular it is
just watch it when i feel like it
i just finish a taiwanese series 
i would say there are mainly on fairy tale love story
most of the time come with a happy ending
and it started with something impossible
not to say wouldn't happen in real life
but i would say hardly seen it to be happen
kind of like lingering when the show finish
especially when u like the actor actresses so much
or you like the story so much
watching a fairy tale isn't that bad actually
at least you feel happy while watching it
and day dream a bit wishing this thing will happen to you
lol,...can be quite fun sometimes
because they actually add some comedy in between
although i always don't believe that fairy tale will happen
but it doesn't mean that it does not exist
just we might not be the lucky one
that's the end of another fairy tale story
back to reality and get back to track
needed to work tomorrow
and attending a wedding dinner at night
gonna testify a love story in real life
back track guys....have a sweet sweet dreams...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fed up

we shouldn't have trusted a person
we shouldn't have helping anyone
this will get us into troubles
which i hate troubles
this thing started when i thought of helping a friend
and this brought me into big troubles
its already 3 months
yet it hasn't being solved
and i am the one running up and down
thinking what i can do to solve it
while this 2 fellows being so dramatic in their life
now telling me that another month needed
so what am i suppose to do now??
wait?? how could i??
have been waiting for 3 months
and i felt my heart beat pumping like hell
given a chance being nice
because im so afraid that i will lose everything in the end
and the news brought up to me is another month??
so what should i do??
im fucking angry and worried
while not knowing what the other parties are doing
really get so fuck up for trusting peoples
what's that for being so nice to others??
why should i have to be so soft-hearted??
im helping you guys and who help me??
isn't it i am the one who get hurts in the end??
i hate it!!!!!!! damn it!!!!! fuck it!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

never the best

the clock is working
the time is flying
is another month of the year
there is only a quarter left for the year
while looking forward to a better future
at the same time 
just to do what i can do
and what i should do
no more hopes
no more plans
no more fighting
i just want to go as per normal 
at least for now
my mind is blank to give it a rest
my body is exhausted let's take a break
my heart is hurt to do healing
it will never be too early for future planning
but never too late if you have a dream
i just want peace in my life for this moment
without any pressure
without any burden
is time to enjoy while you have the chance
work hard play hard
always believe we are fated for our destiny
there are reasons why im here today
even reasons for meeting all type of peoples around
it's always a choice given to us
for being good or bad
as long im doing my part
doing the right thing
it will always best to stay on my path
because this is the destiny given to me
i do fight for it
work hard on it
so is time for me to learn how to enjoy it

Saturday, September 11, 2010


真正的爱 是沟通
真正的爱 是了解
真正的爱 是忍让
真正的爱 是牺牲
真正的爱 是尊重
真正的爱 是信任
真正的爱 就算无法牵手 无法拥抱 无法一起生活
只要愿意把心打开 把手放开
让他得到他要的幸福 过他要过的日子
看到他的快乐 看到他的幸福
只要他是健康的 开心的活着
重要的不是拥有 而是他懂得
就算付出再多 得不到回报
但是他知道你的爱 得到你的祝福
懂得珍惜你们之间的情谊 还是一样幸福的
人都是寂寞的 只是一旦幸福过
日子总是要过 地球还是在转
世界上有太多不一样的爱 更需要我们去珍惜
千万不要因为失去了一份爱 而放弃了其它你所看不见的爱
亲情 友情 都是我们所拥有的一份爱
既然失去了 就更要懂得珍惜其它的
不要到最后失去一切才来说 太迟了
其实没有永远 因为我们都得离开
重要的不是回报 而是你奉献了你的 爱

Friday, September 10, 2010

everything new!!

sorry for leaving it not updated for a week
was busy packing to shift 
the same time pack and unpack for work
and the worst is the internet connection was down
couldn't online at all
it was a boring yet busy week i would say
it's been waiting for a year
since my lappy having some setting problems
which is my connection will goes on and off 
and you guess what??
i have been surfing net in such a condition for almost a year
and im waiting for the day i shift
so that i could get myself a new gadget
which is my iMac
and im now shifted to my new room
whee~im lovin all this
although my room is now smaller
but i think is nicer,...hehe
anyway its just like a hostel to me
as long is comfortable for me to stay over
but my wardrobe is not yet done
so im just gonna show you my new gadget first
let's see how my baby born....lol 

iMac in the box before open it

the screen 

last but not least
the connection tool
wireless mouse and wireless keyboard
which is the best gadget i ever get 
after my Canon DSLR
they are the perfect match i guess...hehe
i can online on my bed so far away from now on
whee~love it