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Monday, August 31, 2009

day 2 - Sentosa island

wake up as usual
went for breakfast at white sand
and took mrt to go Sentosa
which we have plan earlier
but sigh,...not a bikini period....

had fun playing the luge

take a break at sand bar after we cover everything had 9'inc hot dog bun and grape juice
looking around for leng chai and leng lui...lol
who are those owned the bar
spend time chit chatting and deciding where is our next dextination
end up with having dinner at Chinatown
and get some sourveniors for friends
what's next??
third day gonna go back malaysia
to JB to visit mun yee's friend's baby
lol...a long combination

Merlion, Boat Quay & Clarke Quay

time to exercise after having our dinner
heading to Merlion things to see in Singapore
and also The Fullerton Hotel
the view while walking to the Merlion from city hall is similar to London bridge
where there is a nice building on your right
and the wheel is on the left with the river
but it looks like you are in KL while you sitting in front of the Merlion
where the Maybank building is right in front of you..lol

and keep walking down the street~Boat Quay
there use to be a very happening clubbing area
but there is now more for office worker to have a drink after their work

haha...can't see mun yee

and finally Clarke Quay where people like to club todays
we spent few hours sitting by the river just to talk
and happen to see leng chai or leng lui walking around...lol
and scenes like people drunk and vomitting..opps
it was a great night just by chatting
because its been a long time we have chat face to face like this

lastly we drop by Downtown east to have Mcd
and we are not sure where are the washroom
because we need to wash our hands
for the first 10 to 15 minutes sitting there just to observe where people wash their hands
omg!! we are so funny...forgive me please
time to walk home after our late night supper
the first day journey is end
although is tire but it is full of funs and joys

Sunday, August 30, 2009

dear friends

there are more and more goodbye aheads
can't you see that we are saying goodbye everyday??
although we will see each other in 5 minutes time
or the next day or the day after tomorrow??
sometimes one goodbye had mention
it takes a longer time to say hi again
it can be 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or even 10 years
we are now on the 2nd place
we are going to say goodbye and we are not sure when is our next hi
tears drop but this is the most important stage we are in
heading to our future
looking forward to our dreams
we are all working hard today
because we are looking forward to the next better stage
aren't we??
although is sad to say goodbye
we have no choice
but we promise we are going to meet again on the day we success
i'm not sure how long it gonna be
but i'm sure once we succeed we can be together again as in the past
lifes are tough
we might wanna give up somewhere
but why not we think about our promises??
set this as 1 of our target
i'm pretty sure we can stay stronger with it
because we can't wait to see the day we are all back together again
isn't it nicer when we have more time to stay together after we settle down everything
and start enjoying our life peacefully??
stay strong my friends
we are all fighting together
you are not leaving behind
you are not alone
because our hearts are linked
perhaps we are far apart
but we are together heading to the lights in front of us
we are all looking towards the day we success
let's do it together
do not give up
because it will just gonna delay our journey to the day we have set
aren't we looking for the "HI" by saying a "GOODBYE" ??
with love ~ yvonne

Thursday, August 20, 2009

im feel so bad =(

is a truth that im having lots of fun during my off days in sg with dear friend visit
but im just kind of moody
and i really don't know why
is a nature of out of control or i just didn't control myself
no excuses should be applied when doing something wrong
i should have control myself from being moody
i had ruin something so badly
which i felt so upset and i can't get rid of it
kinda disappointed and angry
which i don't know what i should do and say
because its already happened
nothing could fix it and change it anymore
its too late to say anything
i just wish i could have do things perfectly in future
which i will not being upset and disappointed again before its too late
someone is right
i should have change and fix it since i know i have did it wrongly
i should have self-control
i should have do it better as what i have thought in my heart
i should have do things in a positive way
i wish i could do it better
instead of being upset and blame myself after things have happened
warn me if im doing it again...please... =(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

part 2 on 14aug~istana park

purposely walk here to take some pictures
found that there is a nice place to have photoshooting
- Istana Park
and our main charcater today - 'tiang lady' - mun yee
i guess this is the bird nest of this lost bird...lol
and i think she is having fun although she is lost...lol

mun yee just too excited to see so many Singapore flats here
and we are actually looking for our way to get across there

Follow The Rules ... okay?!?

happily walking and being being by our photographer of the day - Ken

the main point of taking this is because we saw Merlion logo on the tiang

but our tiang lady should be thirsty so can't wanit to drink some water..haha

Mun Yee : aiyo!! faster la...very hot la....

photoshooting started
you can see three monkeys climbing up and down to do possing
hope this is not too over for you all
life should be having fun right??
relax la bro!!
actually we have more to show
might gonna show you all after i edited

happy moment just need to be ended so fast
Ken got to go liao ... =(
left two lossing birds then
is ok...what girls can do??
shopping la....let's go
we are now heading to Bugis...yeah!!
the reason why mun yee is here...lol
of course to see me as well la...hehe..perasan-nya

14.08.09 part 1 ~ orchard

day 1 - arrival into SIN at 7.13am
take some rest before heading to the town
picture taken while on our way to the MRT

first thing to do taking lunch to heal our stomach
we have seafood ramen & white fish (Mun Yee)
volcano ramen & white fish (Ken)
and spicy cha shu ramen & taofu (Me)

yummy!! do come again!!

just to take some pictures in front of Takashimaya &Ngee Ann City
3 crazy cats having funs

ice cream must have at orchard
i would say uncle very coorperate huh?? lol..

opps...sorry...half of the 'S' is gone
and you are really small in the picture

sourvenior that mun yee so excited with
we quietly and secretly taking this picture before being kick out from the 'lao ban'
this is just part 1
there are more to be continued
stay tunned... ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i did it

is only 7.30 am in the morning but im awake
deicided to have breakfast in the hotel
enjoying my breakfast and reading some magazines
i took 2 hours in the restaurant just to read my magazine
is 9.30am...seems still early
thought of walking to the nearest supermarket just to get a bottle of water
end up i decided to walk down to the city instead of taking the train
i don't really know how to get there
i just follow the track of the train
because i remember i took train 2 to the town during my last trip
you know what??
i took 50 minutes walk to reach the town
i just want to have some walk
but end up i spent some times doing it huh??
so why not walking around this shopping area
but sigh everything just too expensive for me
i don't have much cash with me
but no harm walking around
i spent another hour on some shops
just realise that the lake is just in front of me on the way back
i should have noted that earlier
instead of turning left to the shopping area
i should have turn right so that i might decide to take the cruise tour
yet i walk to the lake and stay there for about 15 minutes
for what?? considering whether should i take the cruise
haha...i did not and i continue my way back to the hotel
on the way back i drop by starbucks to get a cup of blended mocha
is another 50 minutes walk
althought i have spend all my way by walking
but im not feeling tire yet im enjoying it
is a nice weather to walk around i would say
i have realise it can be fun just by walking around
although im alone but i have my mp3 to be my partner on my way
i felt satisfied to spent my morning by doing all this
i have printed my footprint in Zurich

touch down-Zurich

i have just check in
i was thinking about my way back
even before going for flight
i can't wait to go back sg anymore
you know what??
my best friend is coming over on the day i back to sg
yeah!! im so happy
very excited
can't wait to do what i have thought
things that i will not do by myself
oh yeah!! a lot of plans
gonna have a fun holidays in sg with my dear
wu-hu...1st time i felt that i want the time goes faster

same thing happened
boring days in Zurich
no sightseeing, no shopping, no outing...
oh ya...just went to the mall to get some chocolates
thats all i have did
but one thing i pretty i will do is the gym
the only gym which won't make me feels that im forcing myself to do so
because they have a lot of work out classes which you can join
like pilates, yoga, steps, etc
although i did not join those classes
but i would still going to do some work out
which makes me feel better coz i just can't stay in the room for 24 hours
ya..im bored...
but thanks erika for the disc
so that i have series to watch
which i will not be that boring
come on...time goes faster please!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

黄靖伦 - 缺席

作词:陈颖见 陈天佑 Wonderful

★ 制作

爱 只剩下躯壳
是我 不甘心还是不舍
其实我 真的很难过
可能我 真的不懂得 让你更快乐
我想和你在一起 却在你未来缺席
给你的爱 那些美丽
像是一出剧本 未完待续
预留伏笔 把未完成从容继续
如果还有如果 就算瞬间老去毫不犹豫
爱 是不是都一样
无论多漫长 终究曲终人散
可是 我不想因为不敢 却步沮丧
如果还有如果 拥抱你不犹豫
舍不舍得爱 让我控制不了
只想要 把你拥抱
原来我 还会微笑
我真的想和你在一起 却在你未来缺席

this is a song which touched my heart recently
the music, the rhythm, the lyrics...
i just like it so much
hope you guys will like it too =)

you guys can listen from my playlist as well **

Friday, August 07, 2009

aircrash investigation

today in Sydney after check in
as i normally do turn on the tv to check out what channels they have
and i saw they are showing this aircrash investigate in national georgraphy
so i keep watching it while im removing my make up
i can't wait to see the ending
so i just sat there watching it
i was thinking
sometime it is out faith if something happen to us in out life
we just can't do anything to control it
like if im one of them in this aircraft
they can't do anything other than pray
or just wait til the end of it
i remember one of the passenger mention that
she just wish the aircraft crash by the mountain
she just wants it to end quickly and in one shot
i got shock when i watch this
can you imagine all the engines are not working and the aircraft is descending
and you do not what's going on next
when it comes to the end
the aircraft landed safely
im tearing,...i was impressed
they are all so lucky
and i believe the cockpit crew did a good job
don't always say that this job is easy
we are taking a risk as well huh??
but im sure that if we all do our part
make everything clear and well checks before departure
everythings gonna be fine and smooth
let's pray for our safe and happy journey
so i don't understand why crew doesn't seem to be appreciate things
come on life is so unusual
we just want to have safe journey
no point doing any other pointless things like zappy on board
is uneasy to have a great journey
should have appreciate what we have and what we are doing now
appreciate peoples we have met in out life
anyway happy flying to my fellow colleagues