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Monday, November 29, 2010

for life

 ever since the day we met
since the day get to know each other
ever since we keep in touch
since we hang out one after another

we talk we share
we play we laugh
every moment we spent together
just to let you know

if you say i am your friend
i will say you are my buddy for life

if you say i am your buddy
i will say i will irritate you for life

if you say you ever understand me
i will say i know you by heart

if you say you care about me
i will say i worried about you

if you say you will grab me when i fall
i will say i will hold you every single moment

if you say you like me
i will say i always think of you

if you say you miss me
i will say nothing but smile because i miss you even more

if you say you love me
i will say i can't live without you

do believe me
i might not like to bring it out in words
but i will always think of it by heart
i know and i cherish 
things that you have ever done for me
i will always pay you double the way you pay me
i never know friends in different stages
i will only pick up friends from different stages
no matter who we are
because we will walk along til the end

friends we know
people we cherish
we need not speak in words
we show it by actions
we know it by heart
this is a long term relationship we looking for
here we are
there we go
not to compare how much time we have spent
but how much effort we have pay
the relationship we pay for life

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