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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a long lost friend

Siew Foong
she was one of my buddy
we know each other tru squash
we started playing squash when we were young
and guess what??
she is 3 years younger than me
so jealous...lol...kidding anyway
we use to shared everything
about school,..about life,...whatever it is
thanks her for accompany me for so many years
but i hardly see her
ever since i study in KL
if im not mistaken
i guess i have not seen her for at least 2 years??
yes,...the last time i met her
was she is still in school
and during my college time
time flies isn't it??
luckily i get to meet her this trip
at least some catch up after so long
honestly i don't have any strange feeling
even we have not meet for so long
and we don't even chat online
maybe this is why we use to be buddies...hehe
and i have achieve my promise
which i said i will fetch her to go shopping
after i got my driving license
but too bad that i got it too late
which i got it only after i finish my diploma in KL
although the promise is late but at least we did it...hehe
she is always the sweet little buddy in my heart
great to see you again
and hope to see you again when im back to Ipoh
take care and good luck in your way girl

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Genting -- fun

this is one of the plan before i'm back for leave
which we want to relax for a day together
after we have been busy for so long
specially to a successful woman next to me...lol

my dear Mun Yee
her lovey dovey drove us up
picture taken in front of theme park
which we decide not to go in
because it was a crowded Saturday
we don't want to spend an hour queue for a few mins ride
so thought of watching lion dance competition
who knows is full too
which we don't have the ticket
even her dearest couldn't help us to get in there
plan changed again
we went to play games
spend RM40 to have fun
get as much tickets we can to change for prices
this is what we get
one each for two for us

u might think this is so expensive
yes,..it is..
but the happiness and the memories are not for sale
we think these worth the price
and i had mention that
i never had KFC since i come over to SG
because everyone is telling the KFC in SG not nice
so i never wanna try
so desperately wanna have it today

let's see how fingers licking good is it

bump into a group of Tarcian
they gonna have dance performance in Genting
Fai -- who couldn't recognise me at all =.="

last picture taken before we leave Genting

first thing to do after we back in KL
dessert at Honeymoon
located at Kepong just opposite Jusco

ever the man who ordered this don't know the name of it
but i guess is some kind of jelly thingy with milk and ice

snow flake with sea coconut topping with peanuts

"fa seng wu" (peanut starch)
sorry to say these are not fantastic
but nice atmosphere, nice staffs
could be a nice place to catch up with friends at night
i wish i could do something better than this one day =)

we split after having dessert
i drive back to Damansara to get my stuffs
and to do freshen up before we meet for dinner
opps,...by the time we meet is actually supper
drove to Changkat to have fried noodles,
chicken wings and sotong with salted eggs
its about 3am by the time we reach home after supper
just to get some rest before we depart to airport
that's the end of my holidays
without any special plans
but had spend it all wisely,...happily
never miss out a day for outing
have tried some new food
and also some "must have" food
this is how we gain weight when we relax...lol
so gonna work hard on weight after this
really missing them now
hardly get to spent my holidays in such a way
simple yet happy
really had a great time with all my buddies
appreciate for all the times ladies
wish to see you all real soon =)

23rd in KL

Soo theng & Mun yee
best accompany ever since i know them
they know each other tru me
so basically just a meet up section
since they have not seen each other for long
at least some cathing up
before they get to know one another better
gonna be last night hanging out with Soo Theng
and gonna spend the last day with Mun Yee
how i wish if we could go Genting together gather
anyway great to had a night out once in KL together

Thursday, July 22, 2010

girls night out before goodbye

i guess we are just bored of western food
so choose to have Korean food tonight
at Yea Won ipoh garden east
somewhere around Aka Momiji i went 2 days earlier

side dishes

kimchi soup

fried glass noodles

basically they are taste good to me
i would say is good enough
because we hardly see Korean restaurant in Ipoh
there are a few
but mainly on Korean BBQ??
i guess so...hehe

we are the last customer in the shop
which they close at 10pm
but we still busy taking pictures up and down..lol
i guess the staff must be very angry with us..opps

so went to Frenz cafe for 2nd round
initially we only ordered 2 drinks which we are still full
ice lemon tea & matcha green tea spin
comment for Frenz cafe??
variety are kinda good
price might a little expensive
but taste ain't bad
but the staff and service.....herr herrm..
u get what i mean right??
yes,...thank you...=)
so continue our camwhore section
we are moving from one table to another
and then the 3rd one which is next to a mirror
haha....just wanna have fun
and this is our last day in Ipoh

Chooi Lian & I

on the right -- Sin Ling
who is going back to Perth on Friday

Ivana on the left
leaving to KL

Eternally use to be 12 girls
and now 4 left
when will be the next trip back??
when is our next gathering??
everyone is going back to our reality world
work and study
hmm,....gonna miss my girls so much
hope to get a flight to Perth soon
any day off to KL or back to Ipoh
whichever, wherever i get to see them
had a great holidays with you girls
although we did not go anywhere
as long we spent time together
take care girls


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

relax time

is a girls night out
e-box ipoh having a great deal on Monday
RM6++ for 3 hours with 1 drink order
since we all saying wanted ktv for years
so why not going since there is a great offer
singing, shouting, taking pictures in the room
isn't it a relaxing night??
to release once in a while
specially we have a few of us are around the same time
so just enjoy!! ^.^

Aka Momiji

seafood pancake

teriyaki chicken with rice

claypot udon

forgot the name for my order...lol
but it is something call egg, chicken with rice

this is another plan which we thought earlier
still thinking of choosing japanese food or korean food
so we use a coin to decide...lol
ya....sounds lame right??
just because we can't decide
so decided to have japanese food
at Aka Momiji
which located at Ipoh Garden East
those shop lot near the 24hrs Mcdonald
hmm,...how was it??
i would say not that fantastic
i will still prefer Waraku in Ipoh
more choices as well
but no harm giving it a try once
they might have something nicer which we did not order

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ipoh dimsum

people who born in Ipoh
should know that how yummy is Ipoh dim sum
i can't tell what's the different between HK & Ipoh dimsum
they both are good i would say
might just a little different because of culture
but whoever are now away from Ipoh
will always craving for dim sum
so you will always see long queue during weekends & public holidays
and whenever we are back to hometown
usually that's what in our mind the 1st place
same goes to my holidays this month
plus 2 of my cousins are back too
which they were craving for since they know they are coming back
so we decided to have it this morning
we choose Kou Li at Ipoh Garden Ipoh

because there are only 3 of us
so we did not order as much
but the standard variety were there
"ha gao" "siu mai" "cha siu bao"

my cousin Kimo & lin lin
haha,...must be wondering the name sounds weird
this is what we use to call one another..hehe
everybody has a unique name
anyway i believe my friends who have been to Ipoh
gonna miss all these a lot
because they admit that Ipoh dimsum is really yummy too
so its not only what we said
Ipoh is also one of the heaven of food
just that not everybody knows about it
compare to Penang
Ipoh has their unique taste as well
"nga choi gei" "curry mee" "wanton mee"
there are lots more to mention
basically there are all about food in Ipoh
so unless you have a big stomach
or else you can't finish them in few days
so welcome to Ipoh
but im kind of stranger in Ipoh honestly
because i use to be a geek,..haha
i know nothing other than squash during school time
and i was away ever since i finish my secondary school
plus the changes here and there
i might not even know what's the name for certain area
haha,...i disgrace to people of Ipoh
i will try to find out more and intro to you guys in future
so forgive me k??
and give me some times to figure it out..hehe

Friday, July 16, 2010

not dark, not bright, but grey

there are numbers of people asking about my tattoo recently
most of them are colleagues
some got shock when they saw it
one senior was saying that i look too innocent to have a tattoo
but what basically a tattoo means??
it use to be a sign of gangster or bad guy
but isn't it a body art even a fashion in this era??
do not judge someone so fast just because of a tattoo
someone asking why would i thought of doing it
someone asking why would i choose the design
most probably i would say i want it for a memory
it was a memory to me
it use to be
but when i look at it now
i think it means lot more for me
every single thing of the tattoo has the meaning
like the colour and of coz for the design
which i think i had mention before

briefly repeat it again
the red = the wild in me
wing in blue = freedom & independent 
the fairy is actually myself
which i use to be a negative thinker
everything happens to me was bad
which i don't really see any luck in me
 and someone who lack of confidence
thinking im sucks in everything
which i think i have too much things to settle
while every other people are enjoying in my age
naked fairy which looks tough
in a way hugging her thighs showing the weakness in her
she ain't perfect neither anyone in the world
she needs protection like any other girls do
i can't live without my family
nor without my friends who support me all the way
basically it shows a person who has strength and weakness
not to say i expect everyone to accept who i am
but this is who i am basically
i have learned to appreciate
and see things in a positive way
im no longer the girl who always blame the world
because i believe i have to lose while i gain
and i will not gain without hard work
it helps to remind me how a fool i use to be
happiness ain't given by any others but myself
no point sacrisfying ownself for others
we have to live our own life
it's time to protect myself
live a better and happy life
look at the brighter side
that's the way to get out from the darkness
the entrance to the future
without stepping out
we will not see the sun which is waiting for us
a group of joyful is awaiting for your pick up
this is still not the best for myself
im just helping my love one who needs me
i know i have to fight for my own future
my own happiness
i'm still looking for it
tell me if you see it on your way
because i'm lost now
which i need to look for another junction to get me out of grey zone
not too dark but it is not bright at all
hold my hand to show that you support me
hug me to say that stay tough
even kiss me to tell me where the love is
so that i will not give up easily
it could be brighter than i have thought 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i'm home....

i'm back to my home sweet home
happy seeing my family and friends
at least get to meet someone who is leaving
Li Teng who is leaving to Sydney for her study tomorrow
opps,...one more girl of Eternally is leaving
everybody now split to all different places in the world
when will be the next meet up for Eternally again??
no answer in our mind at all
anyway i don't mind flying there anymore
since i might meet someone i know in Sydney
all the best to you sweety
and will wait for you to come back for summer holidays
also hope to visit you during my stay in Sydney next month
hugs & misses **

Monday, July 05, 2010

day out with Milan crew

its been two months since our stranded in Milan flight
because of the long stay
we get to be so close to each other
hang out, chill out and have fun all the time in Milan
which i organise a meet up section with them today
although only the 5 of us are around to meet up
instead should say that its good enough to gather 5 of us
which we have the common off day in SG
decide to meet up and have high tea buffet at Carousel
which locate at the lobby level in Royal Plaza on Scotts
started from 3.30pm to 5.30pm for S$32 ++
15% discount given for UOB, DBS, and Citibank cardmember
the food are not bad, good spreads and great accompany
really enjoy the moment chatting and enjoy food with friends
although Linder joined us late
which she missed the food

lol....standard things to do
having fun taking photo
since no1 there to be our photographer
so we have to be our own photographer
is even more fun playing in front of the mirror
take a short walk around before we go home
although just a few hours of meet up
at least once in a while
still cherish the time we spent together
having fun chit chatting while enjoying food
hope the next meet up gonna be very soon
cheers and take care girls ^.^