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Friday, December 13, 2013

a special day for me

after years of living in SG
im getting more and more warmth lately
and specially for this year
i finally felt special 
having someone special to spend my day
also receiving a lot of well wishes
a lot more meaningful than those previous years
it shows that my theory is always right
when you being yourself for someone
they will see it 
they will feel it
be real and always treat others with true hearts
need not spending a lot of times together
but once a while 
a quality time that counts
made your time out of your busy schedule
they will totally understand you
they can tell you are making your effort
without realizing...they treat you the same way you did
for all the loves i get in this foreign land 
it means really a lot to me
people who know how to appreciate 
people who care
im happy!! at least for now
without worrying about future
we should enjoy and cherish what you have for now
last but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!