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Thursday, October 29, 2009

K time ~ wu-hoo

finally got a partner to K with in SG
we really on sia
came back from Milan on tuesday
meet up to have Sarawak laksa and kolo mee
then one rest day at home
didn't really rest for me
went out for drinks which is a simple farewell for Rudi
today came out for K and drinks
and we both have to operate an early morning flight tomorrow
siao ar!!....tiring yet enjoying...hehe
really hard to get accompany for K nowadays
specially in SG
cannot be happy hour myself right??

anyway went to NTUC to buy some food stuff for my dinner
boil barley water and pan fried pratta
lol....gonna share with housemate
finally did something for them...hehe
and meeting Steph on board tomorrow
so will bring her some as well
hehe....wish i could sleep earlier tonight
gotta wake up at 4am le....sienz.........
wish me luck for tomorrow flight
which i will not meet "someone" on board sia
see ya!

all the best ~Rudi

knowing that one of my friend is leaving SIA
it was a short notice given
was surprise that someone is leaving so soon
we suppose to have chance for flying together
once was disrupted
the other one gonna be next month after he is leaving
thanks God that we manage to meet before leaving
sadness when a friend is leaving again
is already so few friends in SG
hate you Rudi....lol
anyway will still wish you all the best
and wish to see you someday in future
God bless!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

is there anything that i can do??

is the end of october
november is coming and follow by december
knowing that my girls are planning to have a 21st birthday party for all
im stuck...i wish i could be there
is gonna be a great gathering for all of us after all
its been a very long time we miss all our gathering
Eternally......since our secondary school
i appreciate any gathering that we could have
ever since im alone in SG
because i would not have a chance to hang out with a big group anymore
specially in SG because all of us are now seperated
AUS, UK, SG, MAS- Ipoh, KL, PJ, Nilai....
everyone of us are doing our own job
we don't even have much time to spent together
i really pray hard that i could have a 2 days off to attend the party
help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

depression period

it wasn't a good feeling after doing something badly
at least it is bad to me
and it may affect any other people who i loves
some old stupid f**king attitude has appeared
ya...that's me but it is a old me i would say
i don't have such feeling such thinking don't know since when
at least i have not seen it for quite a long period
it doesn't judge by myself but also people around me
but it appeared recently without any acknowledgement
this is killing me
and it happens to happen on someone who i care most
which i have no1 to share with
thanks god i have found someone who understand my situation most
we talk about it
i think when you care about someone most
but you may easily hurt them most

i found i may have take things for granted when people treat me well
that is the reason why i said i should not have deserve anything
because it might makes me become worst than ever
i thought i have changed
and the one who i shared with have thought so
but seems like this things happen in between my blind spot
which i couldn't even see it clearly that things is really happening
until it is so bad which makes me so angry about myself
i really hate myself for being someone like that

ya,...someone have said that this is all i see in my world
it sounds like he predicts something and it is happening now
it isn't all but at least he is right that i really care about this stuff
i think i have been relying on my friend too much
specially my very best friend
someone who is more than a best friend *not lesbian ya*
which we couldn't find a word to represent it yet
since the day i am away
when i have nobody to talk to when nobody listen to me
and she is the only one who can understand what am i trying to say
what is really going on in my new life
my miserable and depression period
it seems fine all the while until the time which i didn't notice
my reaction that i'm being so selfish
that i only think about my own feeling
where i have neglected about hers

i always expect people who know me who understand me
know who i really was
which makes me really take thing for granted seriously
because they never ever angry when im over react
and they have been accompany me until where i am today
although all of us came from different background
but this is the way which bring us to be how we were today
because we appreciate things that we learn from each other
we share the experiences we had from different places and background
i should have treat them much better than what am i doing
i really wish that this is the alarm
which can wake me up ever
i really wish to tell you all i love you guys equally
i do care that's the reason why i need to wake up now
i should not have let the devil me to take control
i can be much better as someone does remind me of
thanks for listening and remind me that i am the good one
i wish i will return with the better me
is anyone supporting me out there??
do let me know
your supportive is the power which can push me over this barrier
i do appreciate that..........very much
i believe this is just something that i need to get over with
i'm sure you all out there are always there waiting for me
nothing can change our relationship
because we believe so

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a sign on me

something that i wanted to do for so long
finally got the chance to do it
im not really well prepared
i was there with a little of fear but excited
first thing you must have an idea what you want to do
tell the tattoo artist and they will draw it out for you
or you may bring your own design
i have brought my idea my design in my mind
and i just need to tell the tattoo artist my design so he can draw it out for me
with my own little touch up here and there
and here we go....this is my tattoo

firstlly he so called "printed" it on the position where i wanted to tattoo
make sure it is straight and nice in position
and the works start with doing the outline of it
you may see a lot of reddish on my skin
the tattoo artist told me that's because of my skin sensitivity
followed by doing some shadows with the colours that i wanted

the last step is to touch up all the colours
and thats the end of a tattoo
it's a little painful after it's done
because of the position that i choose to do is somewhere with the bone
it only takes 1 and half hour to finish the whole thing
and yet i have got a sign on me now
a naked girl with the butterfly wings
people who knows me will know what it means to me
something which can represent myself
about my stories,....my experiences,..........
people who saw it said it looks sad
but in fact that's just stories inside me,....
added a wings with blue in the end which shows more about my personality
maybe i would say that's what people see from me at the very first impression
blue = cold and cool
yet the wing shows the freedom that i have
it means a lot to me
and thanks to mun yee who helps me to portray what i have been thinking
or else i can't really see what i have portray in my mind
i really like it because i now can see a ME on me....lol

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

unforgettable trip ~ Malacca

08 oct 2009 -- a day which i have been waited for so long
a day which we have plan to gather and go Malacca
we woke up at 8am in the morning
Hui Kuan, Wan Pheng and me depart from MU
heading to Kajang to fetch my dear Mun Yee
follow by Seremban fetching darling Danielle
and drive down to Malacca to meet up with Justina babe

first place we went to eat the chicken rice ball
because we are all feeling hungry after a driving journey
park our car walking down by the river

first time eating chicken rice ball
they told me that 5 balls equal to 1 plate of rice
but we ordered 3 plates which is 15 balls to share
because we know that we are going to have more foods later on
and we force the skinniest 2 wich is Hui Kuan and Wan Pheng to have 4 balls each
coz they have been complaining being so skinny all the time
which makes us so mad because we are those who complain to be too fat....lol
thanks to Justina who paid for the food SECRETLY!!....
anyway i love it because.....i'm a chicken rice fans...................hehe

have some walk after 'makan' because we need to digest our food as fast as we can
so that we can have other nice food...hehe...such a big eater
but i think it should be that way when you go for a trip??
isn't it??...so we are not wrong....okay??
okay okay...back to topic....
walking down at Junker Walk
me and Mun Yee are the first one who spend money
we bought ourselves a hat which cost only RM15 for two
wow!!.....we like it though it is cheap stuff
because we always call ourselves 'cheap jing'
i admit, we admit and we still enjoy doing it.....lol
we haven even walk for 30minutes i think
Justina babe asking whether we wanna try the ice kacang??
why not??....we are here to eat neh!!....lol
okay...go in to this ice kacang shop which i don't know the name of it
just go in sit down and waiting to eat...thats all i know....hahahah

after finish the ice
we decided to continue shopping at night
so we walk back to the Christ Church Melaka
and walk to the St. Paul Church
where we spend most of our time there
just to take a lot of pictures.......hehe

we bought some Malacca key chain in front of 'Ah Paul'
with the name of threesome crazy lesbian partners
with the date of the day and of coz the painting by the seller

look at this photo
don't be too serious about it
it just an idea appeared in my mind when i wanted to edit and combine them together
how we come out with that name??
because of some stupid funny topic which appear in our mind at the end of the day
where we have a ride on a small track at Jeti
and we were joking to say we are the contestant of beauty pageant
Justina-nana, Mun Yee-gigi, Danielle-elel, me-gaga, Hui Kuan-unun, Wan Pheng-wawa
and the driver call gogo......hahahahhahaha

its been a long time where the 3 of us have not been gather together
thinking back to we have dinner and study group together in collage
which we have been graduate in June of 2008
OMG!!...its been 1 year and 4 months??....
hey gals....you know i miss you all......

suppose to eat nyonya food by now but the restaurant will only be open at 5pm
so we went to "Tan Kim Hock" to buy some local snacks
i think i should have use we buy A LOT
1 trolley with 2 baskets
we just grap whatever we saw and we feel like eating
and our friend leh....neh....that Danielle leh....
who spend most here....like never for years like that lo....
don't know she buy so many for what....
like all items free like that lo.....lol......okay ignore her...
anyway we spend some money here....
don't wanna tell you the amount because i don't wish to frighten you guys

we went to the mall after shopping for snacks
we went to this Pahlawan Mall...
walk walk walk....suddenly this 2 silly girl so hyper there
after checking with them only realise they thought of this layer cake shop
so we went to have our tea break there
OMG!! this is so super delicious i tell you
you can really eat this layer by layer lo...........
its so fun...can play while eating.....lol
ok la....show you how to eat la....scroll down la......

like this lo.....understand??
if cannot understand go there to experience yourself la...
if still don't know then call Justina....okay??
we sitted down there enjoying the cake
in the mean time is our girls gossiping time
topic started with Danielle playing with my ears
and telling me that im a stuburn girl
and we were there sharing our stories about our relationship with our parents and siblings

times up....
time to eat what we suppose to eat
know the answer??....yes...so clever....is nyonya food la...
Justina is the one who suppose to order the food
but she can't really remember the name of the food
so end up the waitress is the one who recomment us all the dishes
anyway...all are nice except for the dessert which i didn't post up...hehe
start from the top left ya...
chilli fish, white rice, sour duck soup, dunno what chicken, nyonya mix veg and otak

we don't wish to waste any food so every 2 of us share to finish 1 dish
and im not so sure what Hui Kuan is trying to do
we were laughin there and she trying to explain to us
she said she is checking whether anymore meat hidden under the fish
ya....she is always that cute which can make us laugh

went to jeti after dinner
a very nice place to celebrate birthday or any other party i think
its surround by the sea so it is a very comfortable place to 'yum cha' with friends
time to gossip again....
and we don't talk about family anymore
we were discussing about guys
how bad are those guys that we have ever met
and the 5 of us are actually single and available
where the 4 of us were so sick about guys
but we are those very tough girls i would say
yes...i love them.....very much....
they are all the girls which makes me realise i actually someone lucky in the world
because of them i know i am somebody
because of them i know somebody cares about me
because of them i have gone through my very tough time in collage
because of them i realise we actually need to lose something when we gain something
and i will never say regret for lossing somthing anymore
because they are all my 'gain'.....
after finish our drinks
we leave to Junker Walk to shop
again we buy stuffs like shop for free
OMG!!...i don't wish to calculate how much i have spend
but i am happy to spend it all
because i get to buy a lot of sourveniors
and i would say i am happy to spend money with my love one
time flies....is time to leave
and we do not manage to eat satay celuk because of the timing
its too bad but still we did spent our time wisely and happily
fetch Justina back to her house and she guide us to the highway
my first goodbye of the day
ya...i am sad but still i did not cry anymore
because i am looking forward to our next meet
maybe thinking that way will make myself happier
yes...i think it works....im gonna miss you Justina....
heading to Seremban where Danielle going to leave soon
sigh....everyone seems sad instead on tire
giving a very big hug to Danielle before she leave
and follow by Mun Yee
met her families before leaving her house
my second home....should call them my second parents
who treated me like their daughter
and end up left the three of us who are going back to MU
and time to say goodbye to all
it was a very very great day for me
i believe we all do
its been a non-stop laughing day
which suppose to be very tire
but i love doing that which brighten my day so much
once me and Mun Yee are together we will never stop laughing
so of coz we did not stop laughing at all when we have 6 of us
its more fun when the more people we have together
so we decided try to have a short trip once in a month or 2
gals,...i really looking forward to our next trip
let'splan for it ya....i miss u all soooooooooooooooooo super much.....
love you all..........muakzzzzzzz......................

a sudden plan

it was a sudden plan which decided by cindy
it happens after we had dim sum breakfast with my mum...lol
and you know what??...
she has been driving me around for so many times before i got my license and my car
and now is my turn to drive her to penang
we have been saying to do things like this since secondary school
finally it has happen
and what we actually wanted to do is just to eat laksa
drive 1 and half hour all the way from ipoh to penang
because of laksa??
yes..it is....but of coz we still wanna go to the beach..hehe

this is the laksa we had mention earlier
this is the only place we remember we had nice laksa before
actually i do not know the way in penang
but still we happen to came all the way for this laksa
yes,...with a little of her memory and mine
and then we were there

after having our laksa
must take a walk to the "Ji Le Si"
but we didn't walk all the way up
because we are lazy and the weather is too hot
which make us felt so lazy to walk up
but still must visit our friends -- turtle
the big family...they are so many of them
which you could not count i guess

after that we drive down to the town to get the well known biscuit from penang
and drive up to batu feringgi where all the beach are
chose a cafe to settle down
enjoy the sea breeze, the nature, the sun and our drinks
it has been a comfortable evening

we end up went to gurney plaza to have a short walk
followed by having dinner at gurney drive
where you can find all the local food
it was a great day which is full of things we wanna do
all the way drive back to ipoh
the place where we were born
but still we can be lost
because of the stupid change over of the highway
and a stupid wrong turn spent me another 30 minutes to reach home
gosh!! so embarrasing.....
i can understand that we lost our way in penang due to our infamiliarity
but still we can be lost in ipoh where i have live for 20 years
sigh....is our secret...do not tell anyone please..................!!
anyway i have posted out here.....lol

Saturday, October 03, 2009

happy mooncake festival

almost a year from the day i came over to sg
it feels like a week ago
in fact is a year ago my last mooncake festival celebration with family
no mooncake, no candles, no lanterns this year....
but thanks Glenda who had dinner with me
it was a rainy day
i walk out to the mall under the rain
and finally it stops on my way back
time to start celebration after raining
i saw kids playing downstairs with friends and family
reminds me what we just talking about that day
i was meeting my cousin last weekend
we saw a lot of stores selling lanterns
we mentioned about what we use to play last time
she has the chance to go back for this festival
but i don't have the chance
that's too bad
but i have no choice
at least im going home after this
we were saying that lanterns have a lot of design nowadays
even with light and music which you just need to use battery
it isn't as dangerous as we use to play in the past
and they have all different types of cartoon faces of lanterns
it was too fast to accept the truth
we are getting older now...lol
in my next few years
im will need to celebrate all these festivals alone
no more family days
no more celebrations
everything gonna be myself alone in sg
this is the truth since i choose to leave my home
since i choose to be independent
but i believe all i did its worth to sacrisfy what others having in my age
it means a lot to me
and i learned to appreciate more
i think i have grown up after seeing all i've seen in this period of time
whatever in the past no longer important
the most important is what's next in my future
i just need to look forward
and i believe its gonna be much better if i willing to work hard
the hard time gonna be the past
and there are a lot of good things coming towards me
what im doing today is just to get a better life for my parents
but of coz what we do is for ourselves as well
this festival just reminds me of a lot of things
i miss my family and my friends so much...
anyway HappyMooncakeFestival to all

with love

i wanna go home

its been a month i didn't go home
im so excited for this coming holiday
because i have planned everything so well
oh yeah!!
im not gonna waste my holiday this time
i wish i can spend it all fully
i can't wait to see my parents
my room, my car,...everything that's waiting for me!!
and of coz my friends..........
who are going to spend time with me for the trip
going to Malacca where i have not been in the past 20 years
and Cameron Highland where i have not been there for so many years
im so excited!!!!!
can't wait anymore....
but sigh...there is another HKG turn tomorrow
its gonna be a very busy and tiring day
ish....i don't care anymore
as long as im going home.....
here i come....Ipoh,Kl,Malacca and Cameron!!
what else i have??
sing karaoke with siau huey, cousins gathering, eat mooncake,...
eat mummy's cooking, meet whoever necessary,....etc etc.....
will update you guys for all my trip photo
gonna take a lot of pictures....yippee!!