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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Somebody said at sometime:

Somebody said at sometime:

Work as if you have no need of money;

Love as if nobody ever made you suffer;

Dance as if nobody is watching you;

Sing as if nobody is hearing you;

Live as if the Paradise were on the Earth.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

do not use a full stop but a pause

i'm back to where i am
goodbye to my beloved friends
looking forward to the day we gonna meet up again
the day i left wasn't upset as i were in the past
isn't it the time we use to grow up
or we already learn to be independent
i learn something which is
even you are alone apart from your friends and family
but you never be alone where the world is so big
there are still people around us
we just need to open our heart
open our eyes to look at people who walking towards your way

never stop where you have difficulty
our way is so long where you never get to see the end of it
but you must keep walking to the end
if you wanted to know what is it in the end of your life
if you give up somewhere
you will skip the other half of your future
does it worth??
it doesn't because you gonna miss whatever which is good coming to your life
do not put a full stop wherever you are
but u may use a pause to see how great is the world
you can just stop by somewhere to learn
to see or to feel it
you might see things which is good
but still never stop at the good things
but to look forward to a better one
or maybe the best
if you stop at the good one
i would say you will miss things which is better coming to your life

do not blame the hard time you get on your way
is just a small task from the god
there is where you grow up
learn to face it and get over it
this is when darkness coming towards you
you just need to find your candle to brighten up your way
do not stop there
nobody will stop by to help you
they are trying to brighten their way as well
remember how your parents and teacher told you when you were young??
do not stop there when you fall down
you may cry but just stand up when you are ready
there are a long way which is waiting for you
this is exactly where we were now
if you stop "now" you will never know what is "then"

always look at the bright side
do not blame when you lose something
because there are things that you gain when you lose something
just open your eyes to look for the things you gain
it can be something which you couldn't see couldn't feel
most of the time most of us know how to blame what god taken away from us
but did you realise there are things coming to us??
do appreciate what you have in your life
do not take things for granted
nothing is deserve you to get it
but you must learn how to get it for yourself
instead of blaming why don't you put an efford to get it back
does it help when you stand there by doing nothing??
nothing will drop from the sky
do something for it
even is a failure after all
but at least you will never regret becasue you did try
at least you earn experience from it
and that is the things that you have gain
but just you din't realise it

you might fall down a thousand times
but did yu realise in fact you gain thousand expereince
where someone might not get
do you know how rich you are when you have thousand experience in your life??
rich doesn't count with how many billion dollars you have
but it counts with how many experience you gain in your life
do not blame how hard you have gone tru in your past
but tell yourself how rich you are
where you earn experiences where people around you didn't
they might get what they want
but did you realise they got it from their parents
how about yourself??
you got it for urself which is your own effort
you just need to be proud of yourself
they should be the one who need to be jealous
but not you!!
do not be shame when you share you poor life
do not need to be shame when you face difficulty where others didn't
remember you gain somethings at the same time you lose somethings
is good to have waves on your way than nothing
what you need to do is just open your heart to accept it and climb over
that's the way you grow up

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


the hotel -- Crowne Plaza
the room looks small
but it came with a nice concept
and most important is comfortable when you need to have a rest here
just want to intro him to all of you
my new buddy -- tigger
why tigger?? thought i love pooh??
of cause i love pooh
that's why i love his friends too
must get the whole set of them
they are calling me to grap them home
seconde day after check in
time to go out
walking down to the nearest train station
where is juz next to this kiosk
we met a nice and friendly lady
who actually recomment us to take the train
the bus and also the ship
so we could see different things and have different experience
while we are in the train
pass by this street where i get to see a big size clock on a high building
i love to capture different clock on different building from the different places
just nice of the train speed
so that i manage to capture this
we reach the station where we take the ship or the bus
and we decided to try on the ship
since the ship is not there yet
we went to the market
we were there at 10.30am
where the market going to close at 11.00am
so people were rushing to get what they want before the market close
there are stall selling fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, cheeses with bread, etc..
the three of us got attracted to those flowers
which are so colourful and so beautiful
and most of them you don't even have a chance to see in singapore
let me show you what are they

what i took are just part of it
is too many to take
so you better go and check it out if you are interested
erm,..i believe he must be sleeping there
because i was standing there looking at him for a while
but he did not move at all
he must be tire after exercise
erm,..i believe we might did things like that when we were young
and these two must be his friends
they seems like still having fun with it
and aren't you think that the red shirt small little guy
is so cute with the small little bike
OMG!! he is so cute!!
this is the train which we took earlier
train number 2
this picture taken when we crossing the road..lol
sounds dangerous..did i??
don't worry
they have traffic lights for the train as well
this is the sourvenior shop at the station
looking for some nice view while waiting

i'm so sorry
did i standing at the wrong place
i'm taking picture while people were reading there
yeah!! the ship is here

my hair is too messy
which is done by the wind
things to do on the ship??
of cause take picture la
must capture down all the nice view right??

this is the first station they stop at after we board

we wish we can be one of them
who stay at these houses by the lake side
here we are
the station we want to go
and my colleage is asking the local the direction
to where??
the Chocolate factory
yippey!!my favourite!!

we saw a group of small kids with their teachers
must going somewhere for tour or things like that
because we actually saw a group of them on the ship too
by the road side
which is my left hand side
is actually a international school
where they came out from
they are so cute

the place we want to go
we trying to ask them how to get in to the factory
but they told us
the factory no longer open for visit about 5 to 6 years ago
but heard from the other colleage who told me that
this cocoa actually very smelly
it might influence you to not so enjoying having chocolate anymore
thank god they no longer open
oh ya
Lindt -- is the brand of the chocolate
where we get from this shop
after shop for chocolate
we went to have lunch
which is a lake side restaurant
herm,..forgot to take a picture of the restaurant name
if i'm not mistaken
is something like - Lysth
or whatever it is
i'm sorry
but i will tell you when i remember
the water of the lake is so clear
even is not so blue
but you can ever see the fish is swimming
can you see them??
fishes swimming

we choose the table under the sun
and things happen where Karen got sun burn after this
so must remember to apply sun block
if you decided to take the table under the sun
piano in front of the entrance

boats that park in front of the restaurant
by the lake side
all got the cover to protect their boat
and this is the only 1 which is not covered and near to me

walk down to take some pictures
this is the restaurant i mentioned
looks nice right??
so relax to have all this view while you are enjoying nice food

we came back to our table when the waitress ask us to
because our food are here
we start with the white asparagus soup
yummy!! is so sweet so fresh
and i had the fish with brocolli and potatoes

this is the chocolate factory which is no longer open
is huge
and it is just in front of the bus stop
and you guess what
the waiter told us the timing where the bus will be there
and it really come on time
but we just wondering
he is so well known of the timing for bus
Schooren --
the name for the bus station
and the number 165 is the bus we going to take
we took the bus to the town
this a one of the nice shop we saw
-- Teuscher
they sell chocolates come with nice packaging

Manor --
one of the shopping mall at the town

they have a lot of big size vase by the road side
all in different design
i found this is intesting
they dress it with the bottom part of water bottle
isn't it cool??
the other one which attract me
is this one
they design it with poker card
and the chips that use at casino

i take away my dinner at new point
is just nearby our hotel
they selling kebab, burger, pizza, etc..
and i took the pizzs kebab
waste food queen
whatever i can affort is just 3 slices
oops...must pray more to ask god to forgive me