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Monday, June 27, 2011

Anything but happy

There comes a time in life

When you have to let go of

All the pointless drama

The people who create it

And surround yourself with people who make u smile

So hard that you forget the bad

And focus solely on the good

After all life is too short for anything but happy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a good day

a busy day that made my day

feeling tired yet contented

feeling good for being busy

which reminds me i have the ability to work

i have the ability to play

good to be alive

going tru hard times

to remind us for enjoying life

PS: work hard play hard

Tuesday, June 21, 2011





Saturday, June 18, 2011

everything but nothing

we came with nothing

we gonna leave with nothing

in fact we always fight for everything

we are high in expectations

being too greedy in life

ask for everything or even more

still ended with nothing

or even losing everything

Friday, June 17, 2011

be contented

i think life is too short to worry about future
is always good to have plans
but i would have choose to do it slowly by now
i don't like to stress myself up anymore
no one would know what will happen tomorrow
i would love to have a happy ending everyday
not to be too greedy anymore
just wanna feel contented day after day
at least i can feel the happiness before i sleep
don't ask for extra specially in my job anymore
is good enough that i have a full time job
which allow me to survive in my life
also to provide a comfy environment to my family

what else i can ask for??
success ain't that important to me anymore
family would be the first in my list from now on
my health and being happy would be much more important
think further....we can't do anything without a healthy you
in fact you need to waste lots more time and money
if you fall sick (touch wood)
remember that we can walk slowly
even walk further if we are in good condition
life is yet too long for us to earn money
yet it is too far for us to touch it nor see it
so enjoy now and then
enjoy each and everyday that you can live with
the more you expect, the more you get yourself in depression

so why suffer??
isn't it nothing more important than being alive
where you get to see your family and friends
to work with your own hands
to fight for your own in life
need not bother what others talk behind us anymore
i believe everyone has their own destiny
at least to work hard for who we are
be yourself, think positive
our thinking is what most important
it decides who we are in the world
that is it...

"In life you never know
what the next day may bring
so life has taught me
to enjoy everyday like it's your last"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


时间久了 果然不一样了
大家都变了 长大了 成熟了
可以谈的话题更多了 也不一样了
只懂得等待 只懂得伤害
时间久了 我们彼此更了解了

因为成熟 所以相信
互相欣赏 互相崇拜 互相关心

我们没有在一起 至少还像家人一样
总是远远关心 远远分享

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

short hair trend

Tavia Yeung

Rainie Yang

Hu Xing Er

Emma Watson

Keira Knightley

Anne Hathaway

the short hair trend is back
almost every series or movies which shown recently
where we get to see the actress is short hair
i kinda admire girls in cool short hair
i do miss it a lot
but too bad i cant have cool hair style for my job
can be a mess when you have bad hair day
can be difficult to manage
also the length that we needa take care of
as my hair grow kinda fast
so maybe some day in future again
or when the day i really get bored..haha
do stay tuned =)










[韩版 秘密花园]

Monday, June 13, 2011

once for my own

told myself i need a big plan

i gotto do better

i need to work harder

i need to give my best

i have to do it

i must do it well

for the goodness to myself

once in my life

do it all for my own

please give me all your support
please grant me all your strength

Sunday, June 12, 2011

sugar is making you old

there is a new research shows that
healthy choices may not be better than the unhealthy ones
it's not only the usual high sugar suspects
but the hidden sweet stuff in "healthy" foods which cause ageing

because despite the fact they look and even taste nutritious
the majority of today's so called healthier choices
are frighteningly low on vitamins and minerals
while disturbingly high in sugar

\the result??
we are taking in reams of empty calories
yet leaving our body starved of goodness
and giving fresh-faced looks a premature hammering by damaging skin
sugar is being added to almost all processed foods
yet the food we rely on as being "healthy" or "diet friendly"
they are more often high in added sugar
which because the food mnufacturers wanting to improve taste
the truth is the sweet stuff is seductive
it arouses our appetite to eat more
which leaving us unhealthy on the inside
and lined on the outside

US celebrity dermalogist Dr Fredric says that
sugar attacks skin cells and collagen fibre
which causing elasticity loss
he believes that sugar is enemy number one for ageing
overdoing the sugar will also cause weight gain
too much sugar in blood will get stored as excess fat
much of it will laid down in the lining of vessels
putting us at risk of heart disease and stroke
an increased risk of certain cancers, arthritis, even Alzheimer's disease

avoiding sugar??
sugar is an essential supply of sustained energy to our body
particularly to our brain
the trouble occurs when take in too much
acoiding will get us fatigued, moody and craving for more sugar
which can be far more serious than that

what's now??
time to look out at sugar intake daily
if necessary to cut down if possible
natural sugars from fruits and vegetables can provide essential sugars
so the key is to cut back on the artificial sugars
that cause us exceeding the recommended amount of sugar

Dr Fredric also discussed the connection in his book
What is about sugar diet that can be so detrimental to keeping up a youthful appearance?








Saturday, June 11, 2011





Friday, June 10, 2011


Ipoh mali Ipoh mali
can't wait to go home anymore
got to stay on one more night in SG
because of the stupid FiveStar did not reserve my ticket
im so pissed that i have wasted a day in IPOH!!
dim sum, ho fun, 大树脚, white coffee, curry mee,........
most important is mama home cook food......
much much more things that i need to do
oh gosh!! craving for all of them,.....
a small town which awaiting for my arrival
how i wish i could just sleep
open my eyes where im back at home sweet home~

Thursday, June 09, 2011















Sunday, June 05, 2011

show off!!

what do you think when someone said that you are pretty
most of the time we thought is always best to looks good
have you ever thought that being beautiful is more precious??
this is when i heard this for the first time in my life
when strangers looking at you telling how beautiful you are
not to judge from the outside how you look like
but they say is all the inner beauty which shown on your face
they ain't people who need to entertain me for any benefits
but they are just people who work with me for the first time
telling me from their experiences by seeing so much for years
first time ever i feel great with such a meaningful compliments
by comparing myself with another two girls of my age

the big boss : "Yvonne is a good girl and very leng lui, 
                      how can it be real that she is not attach"

the senior stewardess : "Yvonne is not innocent, she is a mature young lady"

the boss i work with : "Yvonne is very beautiful, 
                                     the inner beauty that shown on her face"

if i ever met them earlier in my life
i would have gain tons of confident 
but it will never too late
i hope i would not disappointed them
with what they have seen in me
i would have do much better
to carry myself and get myself improve
as a better person which belongs to my mama
to impress more people in future
and make my mum proud~

ps~whether is real or fake
i would take it as a support
appreciate for what i have heard
i hope i have work hard enough so far
lots more to work on
far away to future
let's cheers for who i became
also looking forward to see a better me~

Friday, June 03, 2011

i will be back

don't know what is wrong recently
have been drinking a lot
not so sure what am i doing that for
just don't feel right doing such anymore
i need my healthy life style back
i would rather to have more peaceful days like before
although doing nothing with no aims
have to stop all the emo shit in my mind
really can't wait for my annual leave anymore
i wish to go home for the first time
to stay home be mummy's princess
meeting up friends for tea, dinner or even supper
which is more like things that i always do
will not miss out all the hometown food this time
gonna eat them all within a week
but a little exercise as well
maybe calling for the badminton sections again
can't wait no more
need to pick up my fairy's spirit asap
guess everyone has been waiting for me for a long time
i will be back ~ ^.^

date over the mic

 bff ~ Rebecca
we will never wanna waste a day or two
not even an hour or two
will always try to make it
fully utilize our day off in SG
specially for our favorite things to do
shouting over the mic section
play the music and sing it out loud
there is where we had fun always
most importantly is to catch up over the meal

 lunch of the day
the Burger shop
yumilicious ~ mushroom & cheeseburger

favorite ~ lemeleme cam with iPhone

Thursday, June 02, 2011