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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

a word

have you ever think of a word to describe yourself??
i should say i never
but a word is given by others -- CooL
how does it describe me??
something which they can't explain to me as well
i thought this will be shown only when i was in short hair
but not exactly
it's just a word for me since collage i guess
because i used to be in short and cool hair cut
and now i realize it isn't come from the appearance
it was something right inside me 
the way i carry myself
the way i behave
i might think the best elaboration is because im independent
i will do whatever i think is right
just be myself and do not care what others think of me
because this is my life
and i need not to explain what i wanna do
i have no idea what transform me into this
i actually have no idea why they put this on me
no much explanations were given
they can't even think of it when i asked them
so just let it be
let it be the word for me
but trust me that i have a warm heart...lol
i guess this is also a reason why
people always think i wasn't my age
and maybe this is best to describe
where the blue fairy does exist

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