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Monday, October 24, 2011


痛过  才知道如何保护自己

哭过  才知道心痛是什么感觉

傻过  才知道适时的坚持与放弃

爱过  才知道自己其实很脆弱



Sunday, October 23, 2011

help or not to help??

i learned by seeing what others experience

i may not felt what they feel

i may not know how exactly it goes tru

but nobody knows what i have been tru

basically we don't compare our misfourtune

we just need to stay strong with our support

when others are deep in pain

they wouldn't think how bad you have gone tru

they can only feel how deep pain they are in

we don't bring them further in pain

but doing our best to pull them out from shits

for those who has been tru

we know how sucks was that pain

so then we are here to consult and to help

no matter what

none of us could help except yourself


a surprise to Corinna
her favorite The Icing House own deco cake  

it takes time to doing it one by one
but it was fun

i know im not very good in design
but hearts that counts??

let's cheers!!
peach cocktail from London

her first celebration in SG in 4 years time
im glad we can be the first <3

Happy Birthday Corinna!!

also wouldn't forget

Happy Birthday Jun!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


feel the warmth n luck today

a lucky happy day (:

n Happy Birthday dear Michelle <3


i love spending my day off meeting up my friends

but i never have such feeling like today

catch up with a hometown friend is totally different

speak the language that we so use to it

talk like we are in our own world

gossip about what happen in hometown 

talk about the past
talk about the food

talk about the changes

is that kind of warm feeling in the cold world

that's the wonderful part of having a "hometown friend"

feel love tonight

Friday, October 14, 2011

mistakes make things right

people do ask a lot "what you like to be/do"

most of the time we came out with an answer

but you will never get it done get it right at a time

there isn't any time given to have make a hard decision

so when you are given a chance

make as much mistake as possible

pick the wrong track and get stuck somewhere

nothing is permanent

things do change a lot

it does keep changing in times

there will be a point of time where you will change your mind

there you will never hesitate again

where you could pick the track which is most correct

Monday, October 10, 2011

aging ain't scary..

who has not been young 

who will never grow up

why would you so scare since everyone is the same in life

we all need to been there done that

we all need to go there doing that

why would you to be so pissed knowing someone younger than you do

why would you to be envy knowing people who is mature and knowledgeable

rather than look back

rather than worried 

why wouldn't you work hard everyday

why wouldn't you appreciate everyday

this is just a process of human being in life

let's move on peep!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011





















Saturday, October 01, 2011

seeing who i am

people do dream a lot
but i don't
maybe i shoud have say i do not remember
not say never
but only for a few times i could remember
i do day dream instead

i dream if i could be pretty as i use to be
i dream if i could be skinny as i use to be
i dream if i could be confident as i use to be
i dream if i could be happy as i use to be

i never know they have left me someday in the pass
i never know falling in love could loss everything
i never know how important is love to live
since when i realise they are all gone
since when i realise i need to get them back to myself
but how could i
is there a spell to have get them back right now

altho is more important to be who i am
to be who i have became
experiences which help me get here for who i am
instead of get back to the pass
isn't it a bigger challenge to know who i am
i got to love myself more
look deep inside
where beautiful and confident came from
i believe there is a long way to go
i have better start learning today