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Sunday, October 31, 2010

one day

i need a little getaway
by myself
for a short one
to somewhere nobody knows me
to somewhere without telling anybody
needed a rest so much
but what would i do when im alone
where can i go when im alone
yet im so afraid to be alone
ain't i??
but why would i needed a get away by myself??
i have no f**cking idea
how i wish i could be selfish
i wanted to disappear 
how i wish i never being created
how i wish i am brave enough to leave
because i know nobody cares
because i know i ain't aimportant
because i know nobody would wonder
if i could ever disappear
but what would i do??
and my only hope was my mum
i love her
and i never want her to worried
and yet i have been created
so this is my life although nobody cares
i need to be around wherever my mum does
there could be a day
where i would leave
without telling anybody
without knowing where would i go
i need to set my soul free forever
it was too tight inside
which i couldn't hold it anymore
i need to release
how would i??
because my life has no choice
not say someone force me to be
but at least i know
i needed to be
because i was given by this way
so i know i have the responsibility to do so
and i will do so til the end of it
i will never ever say regret
because this is my life
where i work hard for it
i choose to do it by myself
no matter who i am
no matter what i do
because i do it with a clear conscience
i know im doing it right
i choose to do it for the one i love
dear my only supporter in my life
my dearest mum 

ps: tell myself to be happy because i want you to be happy

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