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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it could be the last

it was untouchable and it is over
thinking it is a good start
at least something simple 
never expected to be something further
it's been shut off without knowing a reason
it wasn't the end
there are normal conversations going on
for once or twice
it ended third the latest
without expectations
let it go as per normal
just let it be the simplest
knowing this would be the dead end
without any turns nor exits
which could be the best
keep it the admiration
with the feel of missing deeper in heart
it's the last time for today
which will never be remind further more
good night to the world
say goodbye to the heart beat
something which only kept in the memories
it was great enough to be store
although it was short 
although it meant nothing at all
thank you 
there is another line to be draw in my heart

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