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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we do have questions

if we ever have to run for success
how far could the distance be

if we ever have to fight for our rights
how much war could there be

if we ever have to fall to grow
how much scar could that be

if we ever have to carry responsibilities
how firm could the shoulder be

if we ever have to hold the friendship
how hard could it be

if we ever have to chase after happiness
how fast could the speed be

if we ever have to tie up a relationship
how strong could a knot be

if we ever have to turn back
how the earth could be

if we ever have to doubt our own
how fair could the GOD be

if we ever have to praise everyone
how peace could the world be

if we ever have no doubts no questions
how happy could we all be
cheers ^.^

Monday, November 29, 2010

for life

 ever since the day we met
since the day get to know each other
ever since we keep in touch
since we hang out one after another

we talk we share
we play we laugh
every moment we spent together
just to let you know

if you say i am your friend
i will say you are my buddy for life

if you say i am your buddy
i will say i will irritate you for life

if you say you ever understand me
i will say i know you by heart

if you say you care about me
i will say i worried about you

if you say you will grab me when i fall
i will say i will hold you every single moment

if you say you like me
i will say i always think of you

if you say you miss me
i will say nothing but smile because i miss you even more

if you say you love me
i will say i can't live without you

do believe me
i might not like to bring it out in words
but i will always think of it by heart
i know and i cherish 
things that you have ever done for me
i will always pay you double the way you pay me
i never know friends in different stages
i will only pick up friends from different stages
no matter who we are
because we will walk along til the end

friends we know
people we cherish
we need not speak in words
we show it by actions
we know it by heart
this is a long term relationship we looking for
here we are
there we go
not to compare how much time we have spent
but how much effort we have pay
the relationship we pay for life

Monday, November 22, 2010

the barrier

our thinking really make our day differently
if you are having good mood day ahead
you will realize nothing could spoil your day
if you feel depress beginning of the day
neither a compliments make your day
people do have emotions
just to see how we handle it 
or how we want to bring it to our days
it may not just gonna affect our day
but it will also affect people around us
i admit that i'm not a person who can handle my emo well
i should say i can not handle it at all
i can be so emo most of the time
i think one of the main reason 
is because i am very stuborn
i don't really listen to others' advice
i keep thinking no one could understand me 
neither anyone cares
i feel bad that i have this thought
while so many people worried
will that be i'm so afraid of believe in anyone
i guess i am
will that be the barrier in me is too high??
which hardly allow people touches my heart
how could i cut down the barrier in me
since we couldn't forget about our memories
maybe i should have build it firm instead of high
so that it could be stride over easier
because i believe i have a soft heart too
just to see if i willing to let go
or to open it wider for the others
give me some times i guess
until the day i would let go everything in mind
or the day someone touches my heart

Saturday, November 20, 2010


the feeling of heart got stuck
feel the difficulties in breathing
got the feeling of take a walk
have the feeling of talking to someone
but you just not doing anything at all
nothing could help
just got stuck by something
since the night before
which was my sleepless night
don't ask me why
i have no idea at all
might got a hint to the answer
but i refuse to know
i just don't want things to happen again
i don't want to get disappointed anymore
just feel emo
while i needed to talk
and there is no one to reply me in sms
neither on the msn
there are so many names appear on the line
there are so many contacts in the phone
where you realize there isn't anyone you can talk to
i might just need something to distract me
out off this stupid feeling
the feeling that killing me
the feeling that burning my heart
i hate this feeling
the feeling of waiting or expecting
yet it was so empty in there
where no one can fill it up

*yes, i was the one ruin everything*

Friday, November 19, 2010

my imaginary dreamland

i doubt myself because you doubt
i expect myself because you expect
i feel the joy because of your overjoy
i feel disappointed because you are disappointed
i eat because you love to eat
i said im fat because you are way so far from fat
i never be slim because you are way too slim
i get emo because you have emo
i get upset because you do upset
i laugh because you always laugh
i care because you said you care
i work really hard because you ask me to work hard
i have no confidence because you lose confidence on me
i will give up because you choose to give up between us
i equal everyone because you choose to equal me with others
i do remember because you never remember
i get annoy because you are annoying
i buy clothes because your wardrobe has all kind of clothes
i dress up because you always dress up
i make up because you never live without make up
i save money because you need not worried about money
i love everyone because you get loved easily
i study because you score without study
i drive because you always lazy to drive
i travel to learn because you never need to learn for knowledge
i keep you accompany because you can't do anything without accompany

isn't that i am living on the other's behalf
not about love
not about relationship
but just a simple friendship
friendship towards friends that i care
their words make the difference
the difference of my emotionals
the difference of my thinking
i did not get myself improve although i care
is that because i overlook myself
to observe peoples around 
follow their requirements
do whatever they do
i always try to be in the group wherever i go
i work hard to catch the steps after everyone
never want to be the best
i can't imagine how much more i have done
isn't this just like a small kids
working hard to catch the attentions of their parents
nevertheless it never works
there i realize i never live in my own life
im just living in the imaginary dreamland
where nobody exist nobody cares

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

magic man??

was watching this movie online
which talking about a girl (a writter)
who working in the business field
just to search and date a man in suits
which is mainly for her article
at the same time
she is browsing around for her magic man
a magic man = a dream man
comparing a man after another
see how many points they score
she date a man who fulfill the requirements most
but he isn't the man in suits
broke up after she found him telling lies
she fake a character for her article
who is actually a man works in her office too
she has finish the article and got fired by the boss
after he found out that she is a writter
she got the chance to write for the cover page story
her senior reminds her of the man that she met
and finally she realize she has found him actually
someone she never thought of
he doesn't even score any of her requirements
they seeing each other
and work together everyday
yes,...the boss
this is how we never expect in life
while we working so hard over something
searching for the right person
but we didn't realize they are someone stay by our side all time
which we will forget
sometimes people really take things for granted
never appreciate what is around them
nor things that given to them
open your eyes and look around
did you miss out anything in your life??
you will never know 
don't bring regrets to your life
we have requirements for things we do
but usually it comes out with something the other way
never say it will not happen
everything can happen in life
so please appreciate whatever falls to you
it could be your destiny
every junctions come out with different ways
any of them could be a success to you
only those who do not appreciate
give up half way
will lose in their life
so believe in your instinct
so that any way you choose will lead you to success

** there is no right or wrong in love
go for it if you believe it **

Monday, November 15, 2010

perfect sunday

usually i would rather to stay home if i get a weekend off
because it is very pack anywhere in town
which really can cause you headache seeing the crowd
met Emily and Eirene for lunch today
but it is too bad that Eirene is operating tonight
which she couldn't join us for shopping in town
went Ion in orchard
spent the whole afternoon over there
found an interesting shop
which sell shoes and accessories
call The Little Things She Needs
bought myself 1 pair of shoe

a very cool legging

a skinny jeans

and some accessories for mummy

followed by a seafood dinner
with Emily's friends
guess what??
is my first time having seafood in SG
which they said this is famous in SG
Jumbo Seafood at East Coast Park

veg with eggs and gravy

main dish of the day
chilli crab with bun
had dinner over the joy
met 2 new friends today
we think so hard to plan what to do next
and actually nothing we have done after all
due to a rainy night
which we can't take a walk around in the park
neither movie or anything else
because two of them are doing a morning flight next
so walk a little in Isetan Tampines
and i spent an amount within 30minutes time
Laneige X'mas promotion set
Protection for day & night set

Water Bank essence and cream set
satisfying day!!
the day hasn't end yet
went Frolick for Yogurt

it melted so fast 
while we were so busy taking photos
using an apps of iPhone -- Lomo
it's been a while which i have spend my weekend in SG
specially for the whole day in town
had lots of fun today
and looking forward to another catch up
which should be a cycling section
with some others yummy food of SG

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

circles in our heart

there are a lot of people have the same experience as us in life
we can call them a friend when we have similar topics
the longer time we spend
the more experiences we share
we can call them a better friend
but we don't call everybody a best buddy in life
i ever encouter there are people who call everyone best buddy
and actually told me im the most important friend
so what exactly is it??
if we met so many peoples everyday
and you tell everyone they understand you most
so who is the exact important person to you
and how is it when someone you believe in betray you someday
you might choose to forgive them
but do you actually still believe in them??
we should learn to differentiate different groups of people in our life
i believe we all have our own circles in our heart
which meant for different people
who are a friend, family, even enermy to us
i have learn this from a friend
which we should not call everyone your best friend
although you think you are very close to them
because of too many similar topics, experiences
or maybe similar thinking
people who receive it will really expect something from you
because they will believe this statement when you tell them
what if when they realise you actually calling everyone a best friend??
and saying someone else simply understand you
someone simply read your thoughts and stuff
it hurts,.....it really do
don't ever believe someone's promises
people do change
you will never know what exactly is it in a person's mind
there are people that we can trust
we choose them to be
but not because of what they have told you
not because of they told you how important you are
they can choose you to be a person they believe in
but it doesn't mean you have to give them the same treatment
because we judge them by ourselves
whether to fit them into which circle in our heart
believe someone might cause yourself to get hurt in the end
think twice when you judge a person
if you think you are changing by age
they are the same like us
learn the way to protect yourself
stay strong with your thoughts
stay strong with your own statements
the best person we can believe in is our own
if you choose not to protect yourself no one will do

Monday, November 08, 2010



Monday, November 01, 2010