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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

to town

suppose to sing k today
but my buddy having bad headache
so decided just to meet up for lunch
so that she could get well soon
but anyway it was a sudden plan for the meet today
so as long the plan still onz on the 12th
it would be fine for me,...hehe
realise that i have not been to town for so long
can't even remember when was my last time
feel so strange suddenly,...haha
had porridge which is not so nice
which we think we can even cook better than this
hmm,...but wondering how could other people so enjoy
anyway we just left once we are done
and Rebecca went for her facial
and i got back home and wait for the standby call up
woohoo...best call up flight ever
KL turn.....chop chop finish and over it....
God bless....
mention God bless and i keep on sneeze the whole day
since i step into the train
am i sensitive to the lady sitting next to me or what??
ish,...irritating....sneeze til now...
hope im not sick *.*

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