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Friday, August 20, 2010

dating buddy

is another day out with Jeraldine
as per normal
where the rest can't make it
meeting at Vivocity
was thinking what to have for lunch
Jera was saying that the dessert at Bakerzia is good
so we just went to check out the menu
and decide to dine in

assam prawn linguini

Aglio Alio

our dessert
it was a cheesecake in the menu
but there is no cheesecake at all
or it was a cheesecake melted in ice cream??

saw the fountain
could be a nice scene to take picture of
went out just to take a few snaps

went jalan-jalan after makan
check out the cargo which Jera wanted to get
for sure im checking as well
which im getting one soon
find a place sat down to chit chat
at the roof top with nice view
that's what girls always do
chit chatting and sharing
sharing our "secrets"
thanks for listening babe
hope you will get over it
and wish us all the best
hope to see you for mooncake festival =)

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