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Thursday, August 26, 2010

i'm lost

most of the time
we will not get things that we ask for
instead it happen to be the other way round
so i choose to be natural
never ask for anything for my life
i just wanna be simple
do things that i want
because it has been so tire to fight
fight for achievement
fight for being important
fight for a better life
isn't it so tiring in life??
that's too much to ask for
since i have stop my desires in life
stop my hopes or expectations
but it still never go as smooth as i wanted
problems still turn up
disappointment still appears
what is left in life??
leaving the place which made you down
doesn't mean that the past is gone
we tend to think of it still
this is how memories drop by to say hi
the sadness, the happiness that you will never forget
what do you think
when people telling you that you are good to be alone
am i needed to be alone all the while til the end of life
what's the meaning of being here then??
i got no answer
although there is no big deal which cause me to death
but what's the point for me without any thoughts in life
what do i want??
i don't know anymore
all i have is just living day by day
without an aim
without any hopes
living like a loser
because i got nothing to ask for
i don't even know what im looking for anymore
im totally lost,....so lost
cause i really think im just living my life for others
i just want to pay back what is given to me
i just want to take care of people around me
i ain't mighty
i ain't sacrisfiying
im just doing my part
im just doing my best in my life

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