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Saturday, August 07, 2010

'Toy Story 3' Trailer HD

i believe everyone has watch this
i said i wanna watch this when this show release
and my friend asking me:
"are you still a kid??"
i was like silent
because i always believe that Disney cartoons are good to watch
and it is actually suitable for all groups
luckily i met this girl during my training
so we went to watch the show
the ending touches my heart
and i cried,....yes,....i know im crazy....lol
you know it's like you never know someone will love his toys so much
even until the day he needs to leave them
how i wish i could meet someone like this
i believe a guy like him will be someone very sincere
haha,....i think we all looking for someone like this right??
anyway,...there are lots more movies waiting for me....
Inception,...Salt,....lots more coming,....
i wish i will be able to catch it all....
which im so outdated nowadays...sigh...

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