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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a long lost friend

Siew Foong
she was one of my buddy
we know each other tru squash
we started playing squash when we were young
and guess what??
she is 3 years younger than me
so jealous...lol...kidding anyway
we use to shared everything
about school,..about life,...whatever it is
thanks her for accompany me for so many years
but i hardly see her
ever since i study in KL
if im not mistaken
i guess i have not seen her for at least 2 years??
yes,...the last time i met her
was she is still in school
and during my college time
time flies isn't it??
luckily i get to meet her this trip
at least some catch up after so long
honestly i don't have any strange feeling
even we have not meet for so long
and we don't even chat online
maybe this is why we use to be buddies...hehe
and i have achieve my promise
which i said i will fetch her to go shopping
after i got my driving license
but too bad that i got it too late
which i got it only after i finish my diploma in KL
although the promise is late but at least we did it...hehe
she is always the sweet little buddy in my heart
great to see you again
and hope to see you again when im back to Ipoh
take care and good luck in your way girl

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