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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what is this?!?

its been a month
having this strange feeling in my heart
have i fallen in you
there is no answer to be given by anyone
not even by myself
which i have no confidence in this anymore
no hope no expectation
because i get enough disappointment
because i get enough hurts
its just a week the moment we have spent
which i know it could be easy to fall
it is difficult to let go
i'm not sure about this feeling
but i know it clearly that i'm missing you
and i know it clearly this is not as deep as in love
just feeling like a fool
where i'm so use to stare at the blank screen of my phone
either the wallpaper of my computer
waiting for you news
a feeling which i'm trying to hold it back
which i will not have any expectations nor hopes
this is good enough as it started smooth
as long i get to hear from you
as long i get to see you
i know nothing better about you
neither you know anything about me
this is just a start
which we wouldn't know what's fated on us
i will like to give it a try if it is given to me
i just wish everything goes as normal it could be
as smooth as i wish
as natural as it is given to us
what i could do at this point
just wish to hear from you as often as we do
to see you as normal as meeting a friend
let's God draw us the way we could go
always believe the way which given to us is the brightest way
there is always a reason whichever way that's given to us

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