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Saturday, August 14, 2010

plan for future

i was chatting with my bestties -- Ivana
we were talking about our plan for future
we all have a dream
aren't we??
i don't have any dream
but i have a plan what i wanna do next
she told me about her plan as well
we all do worries
we afraid that we can't do it
we afraid that we say it today
yet still we do nothing about it
or it will not be successful
something just came across to my mind
if we have a plan
if we know what we want
if we know what to do
we have to learn for it
we have to work hard for it
we must believe that we can do it
if there is no believe in ownself
we can't do it
let's we all work hard together
go for our future
believe there is always brighter in front of us
we gonna success one day in future
never give up!!

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