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Monday, August 23, 2010

what if??

what if your best friend betray you??
i don't know who else to trust anymore in the world
proven do not trust anyone in the world other than family
everyone can be so evil
everyone can be so selfish
when it comes to their own benefits maybe??
i don't even know what's the value to betray me
maybe just because that we always being treated like a fool
without knowing how others act behind you
there are people who wear a mask everyday
what if there is someone like this next to you
and they are actually someone you trusted most??
i had experience some bad one before
i wish it will not gonna happen anymore
i think our own are the only person
who can avoid these things to happen
i made my decision earlier
and i believe it is a good one
i'm not gonna change my mind
without listening to any gossip
but my own believe
i wish i could prevent any disaster to be happened
i should have treat myself better from now on

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