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Thursday, July 30, 2009


i am suppose to meet one of my friend today
and she has invited me to attend a meeting at sports club
which is actually AF
they are all christian
they will gather at least twice a month
and most of them have been joining for quite some times
they believe in God very much
some of them did their sharing today
ya..is not my first time to go church
i roughly know what is it about
if you ask me what is my religion
i would say my family are buddhist
in my ic i am a buddhist as well
but i would rather say myself a free thinker
because i know that it is assist if you believe in it
in this meeting
everyone is so nice, so friendly and being so warmth
they are just like a family
actually im kind of shy person
dare not to speak out too much in front of peoples
specially when they speak english
because i admit my english is so lousy
still have lots to learn
but i don't mind joining them for further or next meeting
because for us a foreigner in singapore
we don't have our family here
not even lots of friends
so i would say no harm to meet more friends
or to join any activities here if it is good for us
i really learned a lot today
gonna meet them on saturday night for a huge function
everyone who believes in God gonna attend this
i heard is over thousand or more than that will attend
wow...sounds cool huh??
im looking forward to this huge function =)

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