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Thursday, July 16, 2009

we need comedy huh??

middle of the night or early morning??
is already 5am
nobody was on the line
im suppose to be watching my series
felt so boring
why the hong kong series all about fighting
fighting for properties
fighting for fame
fighting for so many things

im feeling so tire even im just watching it
herm,..but of coz they are people who love all this series so much
this is just not my favourite
maybe im not from this kind of big family
and i knew that i will not facing all this problem
so i just don't feel like making myself so angry just because of watching a drama
we should have enjoy while watching a show right??..hehe
one of my friend told me she learn a lot from all this series
ya...is true that you might learn something about real life
but i would say that from a lot of programme
we get to learn a lot of different things as well
i would prefer comedy

and my favourite japanese shows
i like those acted by the younger generations
and a lot of leng chai...hehe
which is funny and brainless sometimes
but one thing i like it so much because
they touch a lot about friendship
which is something which im so concern about
there is a test to tell you about which group of people you are
from the favourite show that you prefer
im not so sure whether is it true or accurate
what do you think??
they said im under the group of lack of happiness
lack of protection
that is the reason why i need to watch comedy to make myself happy
and there are people who said
brainless people will watch brainless shows
or people who like love stories means they need love so much??

it convince me a little
haha....i guess everyone of us wish to be happy
maybe we need a lot more comedies instead of action movies??
sometimes it is good to be brainless i guess
so we might not need to bother so many difficulties
haha...but of coz that's impossible
because we need to face all this since we are alive
why not just enjoy our life??
just enjoy whatever shows you like...okay??..
be happy....cheer up everyone!!

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