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Sunday, July 05, 2009

date with best friends

golden period~~karaoke time
which i have not done for at least half a year
finally got accompanied to do it
sing sing sing
had fun with soo theng
happy belated birthday to soo theng
a set of bra in the box
hope you like it
meet up with chooi lian at night after dinner
at Oliven's cafe
three of us are having green tea
keep on asking the waiter n waitress to top up hot water
paiseh neh!!

we taken four pictures with the same pose
what a lousy poser
and the way we said goodbye sounds like not going to meet up
but we are meeting up the next day for dinner
at My Point~
a place where we wanted to have gathering all the time
but it just happened to close everytime
and finally i get to tried their food
erm,..it was nice
but heard it was nicer in the past
and time to say goodbye again
hope to see you guys soon
thanks for the dinner
thanks for meeting up

missing you guys...sob sob

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