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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my very 1st london trip

first time to London must have some sightseeing
we choose to sightsee around this Parliament Square
and they are actually having long-distance racing
it is very crowded here
we need to cross a road with the underground cross over
"add oil add oil!!"
a lot of friends and families were there to support
can see a lot of bottle by the side of the road
we wish they will recycle it
this is the sponsorship for this racing

nice view huh??
The Eye Of London

we are getting nearer now
and from this point of view
if you stand there stoning
you will feel that the wheel is moving
instead is the cloud moving
scared me
i thought something wrong with my eyes
or something not right is happening
here we come
but sorry we decided to save the money for shopping
but we choose to enter the aquarium
is 16 pounds each for adults
too many photos which im so lazy to upload
sorry..you shoud have visit by yourself

this is one of the sourvenior shop where we pass by

erm,..just felt that this is interesting
we end our sightseeing with a show along the way
to the train station
they are a lot of people doing performance
it is strange for me
because you couldnt spot it in singapore nor malaysia
the day have not come to the end
we continue our day with shopping at oxford street

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