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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


finally decided to attend kickboxing class
this is my very first time
im so excited
wondering what is it about
herm,..such a tiring exercise
an exercise with a little of aerobic dance
but this is more to self defense
i felt like fainted because of oxygen deficit
but of coz i didn't
i think is such a long time i did not really work out
that is the reason why i feel like fainted
i think i should have build up my physical strength
so that i could do much better in the next and future class
i have decided to do more body work out
time to stop my unhealthy life style before it is too late
i have set my target
i want to get back to my previous body
before everyone laughing at my size
since i have broad body
so i should not have too much fats on my body
or else it doesn't looks good at all
i knew it so i wanna fix it

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