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Thursday, July 23, 2009

we set our dream

everyone have their dream
whatever it is
is so important to us
dream lead us to success
dream bring us improvement
it doesn't matter how big or far your dream is
people without a dream is the poorest guy in the world
whatever we doing today
is our start
is our way
to our dream
what's yours??
i have set mine
once i wanted to be a irs stewardess
now here i am
what's next??
taking courses to get self-improvement
looking for more knowledge
looking for fun in my life
looking for another success in my life
and of coz a better life for my family
once a dream had come true
never stop by
keep looking forward
there are more waiting for us
don't be afraid to get failure
there is success after the failure
fulfill a dream doesn't show how good i am
but dreamS can prove more about myself
im looking forward to a brighter future
stand by me
step out together
and get what we really want
fight with the barrier
we have to prove it
we can do it


  1. i know u have set yours,...lets step out together and fight for it...im sure you can do it...cheer up gal...we are here to support each other...aren't we??...

  2. Yea, aza aza fighting!!! (add oil) hehe