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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nanjing-Hang Zhou

the day started with a 3 hours journey from Nanjing to Hang Zhou
and the first thing to do before we started our tour
we had lunch at this restaurant which is well known with some noodles (la mian)
and this restaurant is already operated for 100 years

" Hong Shao Dong Bo Rou "

" Xia Ren "

don't know what is this call but i know this is duck

" Liang Ban Tau Fu "

don't know what is this call as well...hehe
is an appetizer which taste a bit like " Chiang Fen "

photo taken before we leave the restaurant
is Vannessa at the middle and Erin on the right
we are all Malaysian oh!!
Ipoh-Penang-KL girls.......cheers!!
lunch taken and time to go for sightseeing
we are heading to the WestLake
which is a must to visit in Hang Zhou
a scenic place to visit

i guess you can feel how sunny out there?? hot-nya!!
this is a small lake i guess
there are a lot of turtles and gold fish in the lake
and this nice looking stone carving or whatever it is called...hehe

just feeling cute to squat down there to take a shot
yeah!! beside is a nice carving i have thought
the entrance of " Lei Feng Ta "

eh,...auntie want to ' cheong geng '
haha...additional one more auntie behind the scene...

i always thought chinese like to walk
but there is a escalator
save some energy and perspire
especially during this super hot weather...lol

this is a pool where people throw money into it to make a wish
make a wish make a wish....wish my dreams come true

is too hot where we really need a fan
is only 10 remimbi each
this photo taken at the basement of the pagoda
we think that the door or gate so called is beautiful
and there my elephant thigh being shown...paiseh neh!! =P
yup...is time to go on top of it to take a look of the view around

" Lei Feng Ta "

after the photo taking section at the pagoda
let's go and get some sourveniors
this is the Pure-Silver Pagoda of King Asoka
this is carved with the life story of Buddha
there is a gold coffin preserving the Buddha's hair remains in this pagoda
this is all what we sight see
because the weather is too hot where you would not want to stand out there even is just a minute

and then we decided to visit the tea farm
where all the " Long Jing Cha " produced

this is the end of our tour in Hang Zhou
wish i could bring my mum some days
but it is not gonna be in this weather
probably during end of winter which is not too hot nor cold
sigh...is another 3 hours journey to reach the hotel
see ya!! ;p

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