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Friday, August 07, 2009

aircrash investigation

today in Sydney after check in
as i normally do turn on the tv to check out what channels they have
and i saw they are showing this aircrash investigate in national georgraphy
so i keep watching it while im removing my make up
i can't wait to see the ending
so i just sat there watching it
i was thinking
sometime it is out faith if something happen to us in out life
we just can't do anything to control it
like if im one of them in this aircraft
they can't do anything other than pray
or just wait til the end of it
i remember one of the passenger mention that
she just wish the aircraft crash by the mountain
she just wants it to end quickly and in one shot
i got shock when i watch this
can you imagine all the engines are not working and the aircraft is descending
and you do not what's going on next
when it comes to the end
the aircraft landed safely
im tearing,...i was impressed
they are all so lucky
and i believe the cockpit crew did a good job
don't always say that this job is easy
we are taking a risk as well huh??
but im sure that if we all do our part
make everything clear and well checks before departure
everythings gonna be fine and smooth
let's pray for our safe and happy journey
so i don't understand why crew doesn't seem to be appreciate things
come on life is so unusual
we just want to have safe journey
no point doing any other pointless things like zappy on board
is uneasy to have a great journey
should have appreciate what we have and what we are doing now
appreciate peoples we have met in out life
anyway happy flying to my fellow colleagues


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