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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

11:56 Ramen

i have wanted to try Ramen from Japan so much
and finally got chance to have it now
we have been walking around Namba at Osaka
looking for a Ramen restaurent
taking few rounds and finally got 1 that we really feel like going in
haha..don't ask me why
for no reason and all look the same in fact

let's look at the menu
herm,...what should i take??
everything looks good though
okay,..i have decided to take “特制”
and kar yan decided to take “味曾玉”
let's buy the food from the machine
all the sauces have been display on the table
so neat neh!!

this is "wei zeng tang" which is ordered by kar yan

and this is my "te zhi mee"

the way of eating this is the same as eating soba

oyishi neh!!

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