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Friday, December 24, 2010

what a day

is another year of Christmas
is a day most people will celebrate
at least to enjoy this festive day
enjoy the holidays
while i am not
im hiding under my blanket
felt the loneliness in me
just so afraid to step out from my door
i guess im afraid to smile on my face
while im not happy in my heart
i guess im afraid to feel the loneliness
while seeing how happy are the others
i never know i would be afraid of that ever
but it happens to me today
on the day where everybody celebrating out there
busy about the gathering with their love ones
im away from home
i don't have a love ones
my friends are all busy partying
you might say i could join the group
ya,...why not??
but not for today
i don't like the bitter feeling in me
i don't like to feel the loneliness
if there is a date
i want it to be a full attention on me
instead of being share with others
just because i want to be selfish for a day
where i like to feel the importance of being me
i have been doing my part to everyone all these while
can i own it for a day??
just a day please??
i hate this feeling
i hate to see myself being lousy
i never know i would be afraid of loneliness ever
i never know i would tears for being lonely
i have no answer to spell this
i have no idea what is wrong with me
i shouldn't have afraid of loneliness
i have been cool about it all these while
am i??
maybe GOD is trying to tell me
is time for me to pick up some happiness in life
my happiness are on YOU
i never ever ask for it
why would i??
it doesn't belongs to me
i shouldn't have ask for any
i believe in my faith
as go with the flow
have a great holidays to all out there

~Merry Christmas loves

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