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Saturday, December 11, 2010

love life

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i guess everybody know about Alviss Kong's case
have been looking through about this news
what does love meant for life
this is not the first time we read a news like this
there are numbers of people who suicide for love
i dare to say if a person who know what love is
they should never ever suicide because of that
no matter how long were your relationship has been
what about years where your parents take care of you
how about years that they love you
we always think that we wanted to do something
specially for a person who we love in a relationship
but what we have done for our parents
i bet nothing worth more than a parents' have done
if you ever think of commit suicide
think about your family
how much effort they have ever done on you
how much time they have spent on you
how much love they have given to you
our life is given by them
their contributions are most precious in lives
so learn something from here
if you ever know what love is
don't ever give up you life
if you know you couldn't afford love
don't ever say love
lives are filled with colors
include black and grey
when you have step into the grey zone
never say give up
talk to your family
talk to friends around you
let them bring you out of that zone
never look forward to the darker zone
step out to where we belongs to
step into the colors
think how precious life can be
think of people who fighting for life
think how much they needed our life
everyone has their own hard time
we all face difficulties in life
nobody can stay happy every seconds every moments
stay strong and be tough
there are much more interests of life
an argument, a fight even a war could be precious
have you ever miss the moment just to argue with you love ones??
this is how life could be
if we have so much time to be sullen
we should have spend a little time to think of happiness
if you feel uneasy on a person who don't love you
why not you think of numbers of people who loves you
where there is love
there is life
i understand how uneasy it could be
when we come across difficulties
but always remember
if a person who talk about love
will never give up in lives
because we know how lovely a life could be

love life Pictures, Images and Photos

1 comment:

  1. Tragic re the Alviss Kong's case. (I had to Google to find out).

    I concur - "how lovely a life could be"!