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Saturday, December 25, 2010

x'mas eve

finally got the reply from Jeraldine
manage to meet up for a dinner in town
we know everywhere is gonna be so crowded
so went to Wheelock which we think is lesser crowd
had dinner at NYDC 

guess what??
i have not seen her ever since Mooncake fest
thanks GOD that she is around today
or else i will be having a lonely x'mas at home

my first meal of the day
fish & chips
and a cup of ice mochacino

although she din manage to attend my b'day celebration
but she did not forget my present
an angel candle 
which looks similar to my tattoo
how sweet of her
chose me a present which is similar to me

time for a walk after feeding our stomach
needed some photo as memory too

auntie don't know how to take photo
cannot see the lighting at the back
anyway thanks to her

back to Taka
look at the crowd
most of them are tourist
no matter where we walk pass
everybody was busy taking photo
we try to "siam" here and there
try not to be in their photos
we walk all the way down to The Heeren 
had Ben & Jerry as dessert

cookies & cream, strawberry cheese cake and chocolate
i thought we are so full after having dinner??
lol....girls always have space for dessert

did some camwhole at Ben & Jerry's

another bestties in SG
thanks for the accompany
she save my lonely X'mas
had a great catch up with her tonight
decide to walk down all the way
stop over at Dhoby Ghaut
waiting for the count down together
because we don't want it to be in the mrt

there goes the end of the night
* hugsssss for a sweet x'mas eve
great night to catch up although is crowded
most importantly i don't feel the loneliness
will plan for another catch up together with the rest next
as soon as the roster is out
will love to catch up real soon


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