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Sunday, December 05, 2010

month of december

working as a stewardess will always forget about the day
instead we only know the date we flying off or the arrival
mainly we can't afford any lapses
yes,...as we all know
time flies...and here we are the end of the year
the month of my birthday
i guess this is the first time looking forward to it
first time feel like asking around if anybody in town
first time feel like having a celebration
not because i have forgot what happen in the past
but wanted to get myself a memorable celebration once
i guess you will not wanna know how sad
or how bad could my birthday happened before

anyway let's move forward
is already the last month of 2010
looking back what we have done for the year of 2010
nothing is happier than to make few more buddies from work
to have friends to hanging around with when in town
but also the urge of working hard together
instead of getting older
i would say that we have grown up
looking through what we have seen
what we have learned
what we have experienced
we might not done anything towards success
but at least we have done something different
i guess at least i already step out
which i am moving forward
towards a different level in life maybe
it could be another success to achieve

do not be discourage if you have not step forward
there are always chances to drop by
just grab it when you get to see it
let's work even harder for the end of the year
but also to play hard for the festive month
there are more to come
so smile to invite everyday
cherish everyday that is given to us
you will never know there are people
who hoping to see the sunrise day after another

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cheers and regards by Yvonne ^.^

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