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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pressie of 2010

the birthday is over
the christmas is over
should have receive any presents by then
although new year celebration is coming
but i would say count down is usually what we do for new year
instead of gift exchange
let's see what i have got for this year

 Emily & Eirene : lamp to brighten my way
Jeraldine : the angel candle
Rebecca : skin care from Laneige & Clarins
Haley : Pooh iPhone case, nail polish and sleeping mask
Kenny : hand cream & room deco

 the flatten b'day ballon from Rebecca &
the dried rose from crew

 Eirene's photo film &
Jeraldine's tee from Levis

** special thanks for Katherine and Rebecca
they bought me two different cakes
they isn't a full celebration without the cake
thanks a lot **

i guess this is my very first time ever i receive numbers of presents
some people might think they don't cost much
but i would say hearts that count
even if you buy me a scoop of ice cream
or even a simple wishes by sms that count
i don't need a LV bag
i don't need a Rolex watch
neither anything else which cost lots of $$
as long you remember it by heart
friendship is priceless
wishes is priceless
memorizing is priceless
thanks a lot for all the accompany of the year
thanks for the celebrations
really appreciate 
even i could feel the warmth when im away from home
who said friends ain't important
they are very important in my life
i precious them most other than my family
because they are all my second home
which i could rely on
nothing more important than friendship 
who accompany me when im alone from home
felt the sincere from them by heart
which we are all grown up child
we know what to cherish
they are people who im looking forward to meet
after every tiring flight
people who i wanna share things with
i guess this is the biggest pressie of the year
friends who granted to me by GOD
coming to the end of the year
have you found things that you need to cherish
things that you have learnt
things that you have gained
i guess i have found mine
i found the true warmth of my life


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