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Thursday, September 30, 2010

rock in ktv

my karaoke buddy - Rebecca
we almost k once a month
something we love and enjoy doing when we have off
she brought me to a new venue this time
which is at Orchard next to Shaw Centre
forgot the name of it...hehe
i don't care where we were
as long we can sing
and of coz some camwhore
what girls like wherever they are

sing sing sing
sing whatever we like
we have 4 hours which only cost us S$49
2 drinks per person
2 tibits, fruits platter, and side order sotong balls

before we order sotong balls

i wasn't wearing my flower accessory earlier
only using it when i sing
because im shy wearing it in the public
and it helps to keep my fringe away from my eyes

she tried as well
looks more old school on her
because of her fashion today

let's see without the flower

i was busy taking picture while she sing
she wants to take part too..lol

while we have fun act cute, act stupid
after singing for 4 hours
time to go for early dinner
had pepper lunch as our dinner for the day

Chicken & Wagyu combo

Unagi pepper rice

how lucky we are
get to do the same flight
shop together outstation
and back to SG with the same day off
where we can do something we like
there will be another round in Oct
where we gonna have A380 training together
follow by our 1st solo to London
gonna rock together real soon!!

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