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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mid-autumn celebration

this is what we use to celebrate with families every year
but not anymore after leaving home
the first year in 2009 and now 2010
so it is my first time to celebrate in SG with friends
onz buddy ever
went to visit Jeraldine's mun for her ktv marathon
had roti prata for supper
and west coast for a picnic later

it's been ages when we stop playing with it
lanterns which is not so traditional anymore
it use to be just flower printing
and it is now coming out with all kind of designs

the childishness we use to have
you would understand what i mean if you were there
just a lantern or a candle makes them happy
as older child we do have fun too
we left after the ktv marathon is over
had some roti prata as supper
follow by what we actually planned to have
picnic at west coast

how unhealthy we are
in fact we only had a cup of mocktail
and a few pieces of chips
because we are too busy with the lantern and candles

the outcome after all
might be a little to dark without flash
but i would rather to see just the light of the lantern and candles
to shows this is what we enjoyed doing

the crew behind the scene

and had some fun playing with some fire sticks

Nicholas and Jeraldine

and the guys (new friends)
from the left :
Chin Loon, Nicholas and Winter
thanks for the preparations
have fun with all of them

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