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Friday, September 10, 2010

everything new!!

sorry for leaving it not updated for a week
was busy packing to shift 
the same time pack and unpack for work
and the worst is the internet connection was down
couldn't online at all
it was a boring yet busy week i would say
it's been waiting for a year
since my lappy having some setting problems
which is my connection will goes on and off 
and you guess what??
i have been surfing net in such a condition for almost a year
and im waiting for the day i shift
so that i could get myself a new gadget
which is my iMac
and im now shifted to my new room
whee~im lovin all this
although my room is now smaller
but i think is nicer,...hehe
anyway its just like a hostel to me
as long is comfortable for me to stay over
but my wardrobe is not yet done
so im just gonna show you my new gadget first
let's see how my baby born....lol 

iMac in the box before open it

the screen 

last but not least
the connection tool
wireless mouse and wireless keyboard
which is the best gadget i ever get 
after my Canon DSLR
they are the perfect match i guess...hehe
i can online on my bed so far away from now on
whee~love it

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