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Thursday, September 16, 2010

fed up

we shouldn't have trusted a person
we shouldn't have helping anyone
this will get us into troubles
which i hate troubles
this thing started when i thought of helping a friend
and this brought me into big troubles
its already 3 months
yet it hasn't being solved
and i am the one running up and down
thinking what i can do to solve it
while this 2 fellows being so dramatic in their life
now telling me that another month needed
so what am i suppose to do now??
wait?? how could i??
have been waiting for 3 months
and i felt my heart beat pumping like hell
given a chance being nice
because im so afraid that i will lose everything in the end
and the news brought up to me is another month??
so what should i do??
im fucking angry and worried
while not knowing what the other parties are doing
really get so fuck up for trusting peoples
what's that for being so nice to others??
why should i have to be so soft-hearted??
im helping you guys and who help me??
isn't it i am the one who get hurts in the end??
i hate it!!!!!!! damn it!!!!! fuck it!!!!!!!!

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