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Monday, September 13, 2010

never the best

the clock is working
the time is flying
is another month of the year
there is only a quarter left for the year
while looking forward to a better future
at the same time 
just to do what i can do
and what i should do
no more hopes
no more plans
no more fighting
i just want to go as per normal 
at least for now
my mind is blank to give it a rest
my body is exhausted let's take a break
my heart is hurt to do healing
it will never be too early for future planning
but never too late if you have a dream
i just want peace in my life for this moment
without any pressure
without any burden
is time to enjoy while you have the chance
work hard play hard
always believe we are fated for our destiny
there are reasons why im here today
even reasons for meeting all type of peoples around
it's always a choice given to us
for being good or bad
as long im doing my part
doing the right thing
it will always best to stay on my path
because this is the destiny given to me
i do fight for it
work hard on it
so is time for me to learn how to enjoy it

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