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Friday, September 24, 2010

fairy tale?!?

most of us like to stream nowadays
as in watching movies or series online
there are so many different type of shows
there are actions, comedy, lifestyle, love story,.....
and many many more
i actually kind of choosy on these
and i don't know how particular it is
just watch it when i feel like it
i just finish a taiwanese series 
i would say there are mainly on fairy tale love story
most of the time come with a happy ending
and it started with something impossible
not to say wouldn't happen in real life
but i would say hardly seen it to be happen
kind of like lingering when the show finish
especially when u like the actor actresses so much
or you like the story so much
watching a fairy tale isn't that bad actually
at least you feel happy while watching it
and day dream a bit wishing this thing will happen to you
lol,...can be quite fun sometimes
because they actually add some comedy in between
although i always don't believe that fairy tale will happen
but it doesn't mean that it does not exist
just we might not be the lucky one
that's the end of another fairy tale story
back to reality and get back to track
needed to work tomorrow
and attending a wedding dinner at night
gonna testify a love story in real life
back track guys....have a sweet sweet dreams...

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