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Sunday, July 04, 2010

just them....

it's been a while i never blow out the wind in my stomach
my friend help to burst it out today
but it doesnt help anymore
it use to be very release after doing so
i have no idea who are the correct person who could do so anymore
SHE use to be one
but im trying to convince myself saying that she has her loves one now
she belongs to him and she doesn't need me anymore
his support gonna be the most effective to her in future
all she need in future is him
my mission is done and gonna be over very soon
my friend remind me saying that SHE is like a sister to me
yes,...we use to be.....to share to support like family
i said this because our friendship as good as lesbian partner
as good as family....as good as people around us will misunderstand us
we wouldn't care because we know we are not
and we don't think if we need explaination to anybody
even since i left and work in SG
she is the only friend i would call to help throw my troubles in mind
instead of telling her SHE doesn't need my support
in a way im trying to tell myself SHE couldn't support me much in future
SHE gonna be busy with her work, her life, her family in future....
SHE got lots more troubles to come in mind
instead of all my small little shitz
but i do appreciate SHE does help a lot in the past and even now
just sad to know im not the only person who understand her most
SHE mention someone who betrayed her
use to be a person who would say " finally i found you"
im not the one,... neither we need that
we know by heart how important we are to one another
at least i know im the person who she trust most
that's good enough as i thought

there is a HE who promise to look after me if i have any problems
and i told him promises shouldn't be given easily
specially for our case....
people were saying ex-couple couldn't be friend
but we prove that this is not a truth
we are best friend who share who discuss who help and support
someone saying HE is nice to me because HE felt guilty for hurting me once
we know better than anyone else
because we cherish friends who really care
maybe GOD arrange us and fated us to be friend instead
at least it goes further and stable without any "injuries"
because we are the person who being trust
honestly i use to love him very much
although HE might not the one
but at least i know im a special friend to him
someone HE trust and might think to share in the first place
at least i can throw my temper when i feel sad
because HE couldn't fight back....lol

isn't it best when you know there is someone special in your life
to be with you walking next to your path
im even more lucky because i have TWO
for sure there are more to come
i know who are YOU
it might just be my side of thinking
i might be the only one trying to clap
but at least they still offer to clap now 
because no one knows the future

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