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Friday, July 16, 2010

not dark, not bright, but grey

there are numbers of people asking about my tattoo recently
most of them are colleagues
some got shock when they saw it
one senior was saying that i look too innocent to have a tattoo
but what basically a tattoo means??
it use to be a sign of gangster or bad guy
but isn't it a body art even a fashion in this era??
do not judge someone so fast just because of a tattoo
someone asking why would i thought of doing it
someone asking why would i choose the design
most probably i would say i want it for a memory
it was a memory to me
it use to be
but when i look at it now
i think it means lot more for me
every single thing of the tattoo has the meaning
like the colour and of coz for the design
which i think i had mention before

briefly repeat it again
the red = the wild in me
wing in blue = freedom & independent 
the fairy is actually myself
which i use to be a negative thinker
everything happens to me was bad
which i don't really see any luck in me
 and someone who lack of confidence
thinking im sucks in everything
which i think i have too much things to settle
while every other people are enjoying in my age
naked fairy which looks tough
in a way hugging her thighs showing the weakness in her
she ain't perfect neither anyone in the world
she needs protection like any other girls do
i can't live without my family
nor without my friends who support me all the way
basically it shows a person who has strength and weakness
not to say i expect everyone to accept who i am
but this is who i am basically
i have learned to appreciate
and see things in a positive way
im no longer the girl who always blame the world
because i believe i have to lose while i gain
and i will not gain without hard work
it helps to remind me how a fool i use to be
happiness ain't given by any others but myself
no point sacrisfying ownself for others
we have to live our own life
it's time to protect myself
live a better and happy life
look at the brighter side
that's the way to get out from the darkness
the entrance to the future
without stepping out
we will not see the sun which is waiting for us
a group of joyful is awaiting for your pick up
this is still not the best for myself
im just helping my love one who needs me
i know i have to fight for my own future
my own happiness
i'm still looking for it
tell me if you see it on your way
because i'm lost now
which i need to look for another junction to get me out of grey zone
not too dark but it is not bright at all
hold my hand to show that you support me
hug me to say that stay tough
even kiss me to tell me where the love is
so that i will not give up easily
it could be brighter than i have thought 


  1. guai...i remembered when both of us were discussing abt having a tattoo & pop, it's almost a year after getting it done =]

  2. yalo,....we did it in sept last year....time flies,....