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Thursday, July 22, 2010

girls night out before goodbye

i guess we are just bored of western food
so choose to have Korean food tonight
at Yea Won ipoh garden east
somewhere around Aka Momiji i went 2 days earlier

side dishes

kimchi soup

fried glass noodles

basically they are taste good to me
i would say is good enough
because we hardly see Korean restaurant in Ipoh
there are a few
but mainly on Korean BBQ??
i guess so...hehe

we are the last customer in the shop
which they close at 10pm
but we still busy taking pictures up and down..lol
i guess the staff must be very angry with us..opps

so went to Frenz cafe for 2nd round
initially we only ordered 2 drinks which we are still full
ice lemon tea & matcha green tea spin
comment for Frenz cafe??
variety are kinda good
price might a little expensive
but taste ain't bad
but the staff and service.....herr herrm..
u get what i mean right??
yes,...thank you...=)
so continue our camwhore section
we are moving from one table to another
and then the 3rd one which is next to a mirror
haha....just wanna have fun
and this is our last day in Ipoh

Chooi Lian & I

on the right -- Sin Ling
who is going back to Perth on Friday

Ivana on the left
leaving to KL

Eternally use to be 12 girls
and now 4 left
when will be the next trip back??
when is our next gathering??
everyone is going back to our reality world
work and study
hmm,....gonna miss my girls so much
hope to get a flight to Perth soon
any day off to KL or back to Ipoh
whichever, wherever i get to see them
had a great holidays with you girls
although we did not go anywhere
as long we spent time together
take care girls


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