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Sunday, July 18, 2010

ipoh dimsum

people who born in Ipoh
should know that how yummy is Ipoh dim sum
i can't tell what's the different between HK & Ipoh dimsum
they both are good i would say
might just a little different because of culture
but whoever are now away from Ipoh
will always craving for dim sum
so you will always see long queue during weekends & public holidays
and whenever we are back to hometown
usually that's what in our mind the 1st place
same goes to my holidays this month
plus 2 of my cousins are back too
which they were craving for since they know they are coming back
so we decided to have it this morning
we choose Kou Li at Ipoh Garden Ipoh

because there are only 3 of us
so we did not order as much
but the standard variety were there
"ha gao" "siu mai" "cha siu bao"

my cousin Kimo & lin lin
haha,...must be wondering the name sounds weird
this is what we use to call one another..hehe
everybody has a unique name
anyway i believe my friends who have been to Ipoh
gonna miss all these a lot
because they admit that Ipoh dimsum is really yummy too
so its not only what we said
Ipoh is also one of the heaven of food
just that not everybody knows about it
compare to Penang
Ipoh has their unique taste as well
"nga choi gei" "curry mee" "wanton mee"
there are lots more to mention
basically there are all about food in Ipoh
so unless you have a big stomach
or else you can't finish them in few days
so welcome to Ipoh
but im kind of stranger in Ipoh honestly
because i use to be a geek,..haha
i know nothing other than squash during school time
and i was away ever since i finish my secondary school
plus the changes here and there
i might not even know what's the name for certain area
haha,...i disgrace to people of Ipoh
i will try to find out more and intro to you guys in future
so forgive me k??
and give me some times to figure it out..hehe

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