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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Genting -- fun

this is one of the plan before i'm back for leave
which we want to relax for a day together
after we have been busy for so long
specially to a successful woman next to me...lol

my dear Mun Yee
her lovey dovey drove us up
picture taken in front of theme park
which we decide not to go in
because it was a crowded Saturday
we don't want to spend an hour queue for a few mins ride
so thought of watching lion dance competition
who knows is full too
which we don't have the ticket
even her dearest couldn't help us to get in there
plan changed again
we went to play games
spend RM40 to have fun
get as much tickets we can to change for prices
this is what we get
one each for two for us

u might think this is so expensive
yes,..it is..
but the happiness and the memories are not for sale
we think these worth the price
and i had mention that
i never had KFC since i come over to SG
because everyone is telling the KFC in SG not nice
so i never wanna try
so desperately wanna have it today

let's see how fingers licking good is it

bump into a group of Tarcian
they gonna have dance performance in Genting
Fai -- who couldn't recognise me at all =.="

last picture taken before we leave Genting

first thing to do after we back in KL
dessert at Honeymoon
located at Kepong just opposite Jusco

ever the man who ordered this don't know the name of it
but i guess is some kind of jelly thingy with milk and ice

snow flake with sea coconut topping with peanuts

"fa seng wu" (peanut starch)
sorry to say these are not fantastic
but nice atmosphere, nice staffs
could be a nice place to catch up with friends at night
i wish i could do something better than this one day =)

we split after having dessert
i drive back to Damansara to get my stuffs
and to do freshen up before we meet for dinner
opps,...by the time we meet is actually supper
drove to Changkat to have fried noodles,
chicken wings and sotong with salted eggs
its about 3am by the time we reach home after supper
just to get some rest before we depart to airport
that's the end of my holidays
without any special plans
but had spend it all wisely,...happily
never miss out a day for outing
have tried some new food
and also some "must have" food
this is how we gain weight when we relax...lol
so gonna work hard on weight after this
really missing them now
hardly get to spent my holidays in such a way
simple yet happy
really had a great time with all my buddies
appreciate for all the times ladies
wish to see you all real soon =)

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