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Sunday, November 29, 2009

a sick me.....=(

finally my business class tratining is over
together with my observing flight for business class
really don't understand why senior expect so much from us
as in 1st or 2nd time working in business class
haven even finish one task and ask for the next task
do i look like a spider??
with 8 hands or legs??
ya,..i admit that i am slow
but at least give me some times to pick up lo
i am fast enough as a new girl lo
can even take meal order for 30 passenger by myself
keep asking me to do something else when i am still doing something
end up the other person will blame me never do that well
sigh....such a tiring flight
i'm sick, work like crazy, and being nag like nobody business
but at least someone will still say thanks for my help
or else they will work til hair falls lo...okay!!

luckily Corinna and Katherine came to pick me for dinner after flight
so feeling better now...haha
it is sweet to have friends pick you up from work
had dinner at the airport, see doctor, buy winnie the pooh,....
went to tampines for a drinks....and order 2 slices of cake
sounds so fattening ho??....
don't care d la....i am sick...need food to gain energy...lol
came home and sleep....my stomach is full of food...........
feels like it is going to burst....haha
but i really enjoy the moment with friends anywhere
as long as there are friends for me
especially in SG

ok come back to my throat
i have never been so sick like this before
and it has been on and off for about one month
never had a sexy voice like now
and i am going to work still
because i don't want to use up my mc
since there is only a turn around flight
anyway i wish it will be over soon
because it is very painful when i talk
can you imagine you gonna talk to 300 passengers??
opps,...it gonna hurt my throat a lot man,.....
anyway...weather gone bad recently
do take care everyone....

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